Friday Smiles

It has been a cold and snowy week in 2T. Today was lovely and the children were excited to play outside in all the fresh snow.

Our class received some exciting news this week that we are getting a new student. George will be joining our group next week, he is moving to Warman from Nova Scotia.

Here is what made us smile this week:

Tues. Nov. 14– doing a science experiment with a balloon (Everett)

Wed. Nov. 15– talking about taking care of Mother Earth in Social Studies (Claire H.)

Thurs. Nov. 16– working on my story during Writing Workshop (Haven)

Fri. Nov. 17– learning about what the First Nations people used the buffalo for (Grady)

Today the permission forms were sent home for our first Field Trip coming up on November 30th. Please sign and return as soon as possible. Also let me know if you are able to come with us, it would be great if a dad was available to join us.

I am happy to be back doing some teaching again. I am teaching each day until 10:30 am. I will gradually increase as Ms. Nadeau finishes her units. She will visit some other classrooms in the school to experience other teachers and grade levels.

We have also begun to work on our special song for the Christmas Concert. Mark down December 21 on the calendar for the first Traditions Elementary Christmas Concert!

Progress Reports will be coming home next Friday the 24th. That will also be a Pajama day at TES. Students can wear their pj’s if they wish.

Enjoy the snow and lovely weather this weekend!

What made us smile this week

It was a very short week in 2T. I was very impressed with the behavior of my students during the Remembrance Day assembly yesterday. They were very respectful.

I hope that you all enjoy the long weekend as a family, and that the weather is not too cold so that you can enjoy the snow!

Mon. Nov. 6– talking about First Nations people in Social Studies (Tristan)

Tues. Nov. 7– painting our art for Remembrance Day (Everett)

Wed. Nov. 8– building a snow fort outside at recess (Tristan)

I will be away at a Writing Conference next Tuesday, Mrs. Eybersen will be in for me.

I am excited to begin teaching again on Wednesday of next week. I have missed teaching. I will gradually begin to take over again as Ms. Nadeau finishes her units.

Learning Reports will be coming home on Friday, November 24.

Fun Fact for the day- this is my 300th blog post, wow!! 🙂


Today in writing workshop we worked in partners to work on the strategy of visualizing. Each partner read some descriptive writing that the students had done about a character. Then their partner had to draw a picture of what they visualized that the character looked like.

The students did such a good job on their writing, their drawings and working with a partner!

Pizza Hut Reading Contest

Today our class started the Pizza Hut Book It reading challenge.

Each month from Nov.-Mar. I will set a reading goal for our class. At the end of each month every child that meets our reading goal will get a coupon for a FREE personal pan pizza from Pizza Hut! YUM 🙂

The reading goal for November is to read 10 days ( out of 30). I will be counting the days written in the GREEN home reading duo-tangs.

A note explaining this is coming home today.

Reading + Pizza = love for reading and pizza!

Cook, Boy, Kid, Pizza, Holding, Cooking

Snowy Smiles

Happy Friday!

I can see the snow falling from my classroom window, and it looks like we are in for a snowy weekend.

It was very cold outside this morning, and there were a few children who did not have mittens or toques. Please make sure to send warm winter stuff everyday.

Here are our smiles for this week:

Mon. Oct. 30– performing our readers theatre (Stella)

Tues. Oct. 31– doing pumpkin art (Abbotte)

Wed. Nov. 1– playing instruments in music (Solana)

Thurs. Nov. 2– playing outside at recess with Abbotte (Hennessey)

Fri. Nov. 3– drinking a root beer float in science (Zackary)

Next week is a short week. Our school is having a Remembrance Day assembly on the afternoon of November 8. We are collecting poppy donations.

We do not have school on November 9, 10 or 13. I will be away at a  writing conference on November 14.

Have a great weekend!

Estimation Stations

Today in math we worked on the skill of estimating. When you estimate, you are making a smart guess. We worked in partner groups moving around the room. At each station the students had to make an estimate, and then count the items by practicing their skip counting to see how close they were.


Learning about Treaties

Today we started our unit on Treaties. I was surprised with how much the students already knew about the topic. Ms. Nadeau did an activity with the students to show how confusing the treaties were to the First Nations. Ask your child to share what happened in the activity with you.