Mark your Calendars!


Monday, December 7   7: p.m.   SCC Meeting

Tuesday, December 15 1:15 p.m. Grade 2 Christmas Concert Dress Rehearsal(2H,2L,2MN,2BW)

7 p.m.    Grade 2 Christmas Concert(2H,2L,2MN,2BW)

Wednesday, December 16 7 p.m.    Christmas Festival at WES

Thursday, December 17 1:15 p.m. Grade 2 Christmas Concert Dress Rehearsal(2S,2JT,2ET,2TW,2LW)

7 p.m.    Grade 2 Christmas Concert(2S,2JT,2ET,2TW,2LW)

Friday, December 18       Dress like Christmas/ last day of school before break

Monday, January 4, 2016     First Day of School after Christmas Break

Friday, January 8,       January 2016 Newsletter

Monday, January 11    7:00 p.m. S.C.C. Meeting at W.E.S.

Once School, One Family Book Club begins

Thursday, January 28       “Wear a Jersey” Day

Friday, January 29       PSSD PD Day – NO SCHOOL

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