Sunday Smiles

Happy Father’s Day!

I hope that everyone is having a wonderful weekend and is enjoying the gorgeous weather with their dad!

I was away on Friday and forgot to post our smiles.

Mon. June 11– playing dodgeball in the gym and having Ms. Nadeau here (Sutton)

Tues. June 12– dancing in music (Tristan)

Wed. June 13– doing stations in gym (Solana)

Thurs. June 14– having a fantastic field trip (Mrs. Tebay)

Fri. June 15– playing 7-up (Zackary)

There are only 8 days of grade 2 left!

Music Class Show and Tell

Traditions Elementary School

Music Class Show and Tell

Tuesday, June 12th –  2 Tebay


Purpose: For students to show off their talents to their class and music teacher.

How to participate:

* Come with a song prepared on your instrument – a piano is available to use in the music room. All other instruments must be brought to school to use.

* Come with a song prepared to sing

* Create a dance no longer than 2 minutes – costumes are not necessary

* Accompanying music may be used if brought to school – clearly mark what number on the disc or zip drive it is, or email it to Mrs. Wolfe

* Create an instrument at home to show off

* Create a piece of art to show your class

It is not mandatory for every student to participate. This is an opportunity for students to show their talents in a safe environment

for their class.   I’m excited to hear, view art and see the students perform.


Feel free to contact me if you have any questions.

Heather Wolfe

K-4 Arts Ed Teacher – Traditions Elementary School

Friday Smiles

Wow- we only have 3 more weeks left in second grade! We are nearing the end of all our units of study and starting to take things home.

Library visits and Home Reading have ended, please return all books by June 15th.

This week is going to be busy because of our Field Trip to the University on June 14. Thanks to all the parents who have volunteered to help. Cross your fingers for nice weather so that we can eat lunch outside. We will be walking a fair distance outside so please wear appropriate footwear and dress for the weather!

We were lucky enough to have a beautiful week of weather this week, as you can see by many of our smiles that have to do with being outside. 🙂

Mon. June 4– playing with Avery M. at recess (Ellie)

Tues. June 5– playing fairies at recess (Abbey)

Wed. June 6– playing Minecraft at recess (Grady)

Thurs. June 7– playing Guess Who at choice time (Ainsley)

Fri. June 8– bake sale (George)

Hooray for June!

June is my favourite month in the school year, not only because we are almost on summer holidays. The students have grown and are able to do so much more in June, and it is such a busy month of activities!

I am not in love with the weather today, but here is what made us smile this week;

Mon. May 28– playing outside (Claire H.)

Tues. May 29– watching the Bee movie (Avery B.)

Wed. May 30– going to Lego club (Abbotte)

Thurs. May 31– drawing banana splits in art (Claire M.)

Fri. June 1– going to the gym (Everett)


Friday Smiles

What a gorgeous week at Traditions Elementary. The weather was beautiful and both the students and I wanted to be outside all day long!

It is crazy to think that there are only 5 weeks of school left. Time has flown by in 2T.

Here is what made us smile:

Tues. May 22– going to the mindfulness session with Tracy (Haven)

Wed. May 23– the bike rodeo (Rylie)

Thurs. May 24– doing the doughnut picture in art (Avery M.)

Fri. May 25– playing dodgeball in gym (Lachlan)


Just a reminder that Track and Field will be on Tuesday, May 29 in the morning only over at Warman Elementary. The plan is to be over there and ready to go for 9:30. Please apply any bug spray and sunscreen at home- I am not able to apply for 22 students. Please send your child to school in appropriate footwear, running shoes with socks. No flip flops or sandals please. The only thing we will be taking with us on the bus is a water bottle, snack is being provided for us. We will be bused back to school for lunch, and we will be having a normal afternoon. Please contact me with any questions you may have about Track and Field.

Enjoy the weekend!

Western Day and Bake Sale

Good morning TES parents!

In conjunction with Western Day, the TES student leaders will be putting on a Bake Sale on Friday, June 8th at lunch.  It will take place in the Da Vinci room and all items will be a dollar, with the proceeds going towards the Traditions playground. If you are able to send treats to sell (cookies, brownies, cupcakes, etc) it would be greatly appreciated. Just a reminder that we are a Nut Alert school. Please feel free to drop items off upstairs in the Da Vinci room on June 8th. Thanks so much for your support!

The children are encouraged to dress up in their best “Western Gear” that day as well. The Warman Rodeo is that weekend and this is a way for us to get in the “rodeo spirit”!


Friday Smiles

What a beautiful day! I am very much appreciating my “prep day” today after the carnival last night. It was lovely to see so many families enjoying the games in the gym.

Today is a busy day for me at school. I am doing some marking and organizing for the rest of the school year, as well as some cleaning and packing up in the classroom. I also gave the kids some “new spots” to sit in. It is hard to believe that this is the last prep day before the end of the school  year, time has flown by!

Here is what made us smile this past week in 2T:

Mon. May 14– being picked for the secret student (Abbotte)

Tues. May 15– watching the Opera assembly (Ainsley)

Wed. May 16– listening to riddles at the end of the day (Sutton)

Thurs. May 17– playing basketball with Ellie (Solana)

Enjoy your long weekend- see you on May 22nd! 🙂