Our First Week Together

Hi Everyone!
We had a fantastic first week of grade 2. The students have adjusted to the routines that a new classroom and teacher brings.
Here are some things that we have learned about our group of wonderful students;
-Blue is the most popular favourite colour
-Tacos are the most popular favourite food
-Winter is the most popular favourite season(??) although I do not agree with this one….summer is the best!
-We love using the iPads!
-Go Noodle is a fabulous website that we love using for body breaks in our day.
-Mrs. Tebay has the best class in the school this year 🙂
I hope you enjoy reading the “Friday Journal” that your child brought home with them……please write back to your child and send the notebook back to school on Monday.
Spelling, Computers, our Read Every Evening Program…as well as library vists will begin next week.
Have a fantastic weekend!