Patterning in math

Today in math we did some review of what we learned about patterning in grade 1. Here are some important vocabulary words the children should know:

  • core– is the part of a pattern that repeats.
  • attributes– is the kind of pattern that it is…for example colour, shape, size and position
  • element-is the actual objects used in the pattern…for example we made patterns today with blocks. Our element was blocks.

We then used the blocks to build patterns and then coloured the patterns into our math books. I challenged the children to try and start with an easy pattern and then make them a little trickier. A way to extend this learning at home is to look for patterns around your house.

Enjoy the pictures!

Patterning in math 001 Patterning in math 006 Patterning in math 005 Patterning in math 004 Patterning in math 003



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