Bullying Awareness Week

The nursing students have organized a Bullying Awareness Week for the week of September 29-October 3. They have organized activities for each day to spread the message.

Monday Sept. 29– There will be an assembly to kick off the week. We are also making Kindness Handprints which will be displayed within the school. We have also been given an “Act of Kindness” Pocket where we can nominate classmates who have done a Random Act of Kindness…I think there will some prizes given at the end of the week.

Tuesday Sept. 30– Wear Red and Pink to promote Bullying Awareness.

Wednesday Oct. 1– The nurses will be coming around to do in class bullying presentations. Our class will also be creating a poster for a poster contest. I have a SUPER idea…you’ll have to check our poster out once completed.

Thurs. Oct. 2 and Fri. Oct. 3– The student nurses are not at WES on these days but we will continue to learn about this important topic through class discussions and literature.

Hopefully the nice weather continues and the forecasted rain stays away- have a great week!

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