Student Portfolios

Today we will be bringing home our term 1 portfolios. We use our portfolio as a sample of our work to date. This term all the samples have been chosen by the teacher. As we move into term 2 the students will be doing some self-reflection and making their own choices. Please have your child show you and talk about the samples in their binder. We have talked about how to do this at school. At the back of the binder is a sheet for you and your child to fill out together. I want you to come up with 3 STARS (things they have done well) and 1 WISH (something to work on).

Please return this portfolio to school when you come for Parent-Student-Teacher Conferences next week.

Contact me with any questions.


The Book With No Pictures



Yesterday when we went to the library, Mrs. Woodward pulled out a new book to read us. The title was The Book With No Pictures, and it truly is just that- a picture book without any pictures. We loved this book- it is soo funny. I am sure we laughed so loud that the whole school heard us. What made the experience even more enjoyable was the way that Mrs. Woodward read the story…she is a very fluent reader! I am going to have to buy this book for our class…it is wonderful 🙂

Spine Poetry

Today we finished up our Spine Poems with Mrs. Woodward. She has taught us 5 lessons on poetry and how to create a Spine Poem. To write a Spine Poem you need to pick books by what the title on the spine is and then stack the books and read the titles….that makes the poem! She also talked to us about choosing books that the reader could visualize and that had a nice sound when read together.  Mrs. Woodward is going to enter our poetry in a contest.  Enjoy our poems!


Spine poems Oct 28 001 Spine poems Oct 28 002 Spine poems Oct 28 003 Spine poems Oct 28 004 Spine poems Oct 28 005 Spine poems Oct 28 006 Spine poems Oct 28 007 Spine poems Oct 28 008 Spine poems Oct 28 009 Spine poems Oct 28 010 Spine poems Oct 28 011 Spine poems Oct 28 012 Spine poems Oct 28 013 Spine poems Oct 28 014 Spine poems Oct 28 015 Spine poems Oct 28 016 Spine poems Oct 28 017 Spine poems Oct 28 018 Spine poems Oct 28 019 Spine poems Oct 28 020 Spine poems Oct 28 021


Some of the books (skinny ones) didn’t photograph well…

Grade 2 Skating

The grade 2 classes are going skating on Tuesday October 28th. This activity has been organized by the Nursing Students in celebration of In-Motion Month. Students from Warman High school will also be helping to supervise.

Our skating time is from 9:30-10:30 am. Please remember that all students who are skating need to wear a CSA approved hockey helmet. No hockey sticks are allowed.

If students are not skating, they need to bring clean gym shoes to wear for the activities in the Legends gym.

Please remember that skates can not be taken on the bus for safety reasons.

Please let me know if you have any questions or concerns about this event.

Can you keep a secret?

We had a crazy, busy and fun week for Education week. I am exhausted!

Next week is going to be super busy too with Subway lunch on Monday, skating on Tuesday, Fun Night on Thursday and Halloween on Friday. If I look a little frazzled…you will know why! 🙂

I have a surprise for the children on Monday…so please don’t tell them. We are going to walk over to WCMS on Monday morning and visit my good friend Ms. Raison’s grade 4 class. We are going to be their “respectful audience” for their All About Me Speeches. This is exciting for me as many of the grade 4 students are my former grade 2 students. We are lucky to have WCMS so close and Ms. Raison’s class and mine usually get together a few times a year. We will be leaving the school just before 9:30 and will be back before the morning recess.

Remember- this is a secret! 

Have a wonderful weekend…it sounds like the weather is going to change next week so please make sure you have mitts and toques ready!

Mystery Readers

October 22 004 October 22 005 October 22 006 October 22 007 October 22 008 October 22 009 October 22 010As part of our Education Week Celebration we were lucky to have 3 mystery readers visit our room today.

1. Darcy- one of the nursing students read us the book Those Shoes

2.Cst. Heidi Marshall – a RCMP officer read us The Ugly Duckling

3. Courtney- a nursing student read us Germs, Germs, Germs.

We had a great morning!

Halloween Day Dress Up!

On Friday, October 31 we want to provide the students of WES the opportunity to dress up in their Halloween costumes. We also want to ensure that while having fun dressing up in costumes we are still able to have a productive school day and to ensure that the learning agenda for the day continues. In order to assist all of our students with having a fun and productive day at school on Halloween day, here are a few guidelines that we would appreciate it if you could help us out with.

1. No toy or costume weapons of any type will be permitted at school.

2. No gory or scary costumes.

3. If your costume has accessories that are not attached we would prefer that they are left at home.

4. Students will be going outside to play at recess and lunch break. For that reason we would encourage students to bring their costumes to school and put them on over their clothes after lunch recess….If students aren’t able to change into their costumes on their own and do wear their costumes for the entire day, please be aware they will be wearing them for all of the regular activities of a school day, including gym, recess and lunch.

5. If students do not have a costume or prefer not to wear a costume to school then we would encourage them to wear Orange and Black for the day.

We want to ensure a fun and productive day at school and would appreciate it if parents could ensure that the above guidelines are followed. Looking forward to a fun day! ( Taken from the WES newsletter- Oct. 2014)


Education Week 2014

Education week is October 20-26th. The theme this year is “Supporting and Celebrating Success”. There are a lot of fun activities planned for us around this theme.

Monday– Mr. Pauls read the book When Pigs Fly over the intercom. The message of this book is that there may be some things you are unable to do…yet. This ties in well with our classroom rule try your best. We also watched the video version of the story on Tumblebooks.

Tuesday– We are going to be making a Backpack full of things that we need to do to have a successful year in grade 2. These will be on display in our classroom.

Wednesday– Mystery Readers are coming! There will be 3 surprise guests who will come to visit us during our reading workshop time to share their favourite books with us.

Friday– We will be having an assembly in the afternoon with a drumming performance and book prizes.

It sounds like a fun week!

Go Noodle

We schedule body breaks into our day to help us remain focused and on task. We often have a body break in between activities. I feel that it is important for the children to know why we have body breaks, and if you ask them they will tell you that a body break helps them to get their wiggles out and to help them settle down to work.
One of our favourite ways to take a body break is with the website Go Noodle. This is a free website that you can also access at home. You set up a profile and then get to choose a silly character. As you complete movement activities you earn points and every 10 points your character grows….you can hear a pin drop in the classroom when we watch this on the projector! Every day I pick one or two students to choose our body break activity. My favourite is the Koo Koo Kangaroo songs. We might look silly… but we are helping ourselves get focused and ready to learn! Check it out…


Mrs. Woodward has organized for us to have penpals. This is great letter writing practice for us. We got our first letters from our penpals a couple of weeks ago and we wrote to them today.Our penpals are Mrs. Ring’s 2nd grade class from Gretna, Louisiana. When we read the letters that they sent us we noticed that many of the children speak both spanish and english.
When we wrote back to them we asked them about their costumes for Halloween (which is huge for us right now) and we also wondered about the weather in Louisiana. I have also sent some pictures of our class with our letters. We will be checking the mail regularly….excited for them to write back!