What is a gas?

Today we did a cool science experiment to help us understand what a gas is. This is a more difficult concept for grade 2 since most gases are invisible. Mrs. Tebay did an experiment to show us a gas. She mixed some “mysterious ingredients” in a pop bottle and then put a balloon over the top. To our amazement- the balloon filled up….with gas! We talked, drew, and wrote about our new learnings. A lot of the children wrote down the materials so that they could show their families this cool experiment. The materials are; baking soda, vinegar, a funnel, a pop bottle and a balloon. Pour some baking soda through the funnel into the pop bottle, add some vinegar and then quickly put the balloon on top. It was fun to see how excited the children were with this experiment. There are a lot of budding scientists in Grade 2 Tebay!!October 2 034