The Mouse and the Motorcycle

On Monday we finished reading the book The Mouse and the Motorcycle by Beverly Cleary. It is a fantastic story about a boy, and a little mouse that he meets in a hotel. Ralph ( the mouse) is very adventurous, and the story is all about what happens when Ralph takes Keith’s (the boy) motorcycle for a spin. We loved the story and yesterday we were lucky enought to have a popcorn/movie party to view the movie. At the end of the movie we talked about the parts of the book that were the same, and different from the movie. Then we talked about our favourite parts….here are a few.

Raine- My favourite part was when he got to keep the motorcycle.

Holden- I liked when he (Ralph) was driving around in circles and he hit the door.

Selah- My favourite part was when Ralph almost got sucked up by the vacumn.

Kanyan- When Ralph was riding the motorcycle.

Logan- I liked the part where Ralph was mixed up with the laundry.

Ava- When the guy with the dog made a really weird face when he saw Ralph in the ambulance.

William- I liked when Ralph got the aspirin.

Izzy- It was funny when Ralph was getting sucked up by the vacumn.


It is an older, but very funny and cute movie. The kids tell me that it is on Netflix so check it out!


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