All About Me Bags

Today we finished sharing our All About Me bags. Thanks to all the parents for helping their child find items to put into their bags. The kids had to tell what each item was and why they brought it. We also talked about what good speakers do- they look at the audience and talk nice and loud. We also talked about what a respectful audience looks like. I am proud of how well the children did with this activity- I also learned some new things about them. Great job 2JT!


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For the past few weeks we have been practising the comprehension strategy of Visualizing. This is when you make a “movie” in your head to go along with the words you are reading. You need to use your 5 senses when you visualize too. Visualizing and Connecting work together using your own prior experiences (schema).

Yesterday the children closed their eyes and listened to me read them a sentence. Then they drew what they had visualized. We shared around the table when done their pictures. We had a lot of great discussion about how even though everyone heard the same sentence all the pictures were a little different- and that is ok.

Here are some pictures from the activity.

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Term 1 Progress Reports

Today the students brought home their term 1 progress reports (report cards). Please read through it with your child, I do not want their progress to be a secret from them. I do not need the progress report returned to school- that is yours to keep. Please sign and return the envelope. I will reuse the envelope for the term 2 and term 3 progress reports.

I hope you enjoy reading the progress reports- please contact me with any questions or concerns.

Estimating Bags

Today in math we did a fun partner activity with Estimating Bags. There were 14 different bags around the classroom and hallway and the kids had to go around to all the stations and write down their estimate and then together with their partner they needed to do the count. We did this with marker so that no-one could change their answers. In grade 2 we focus on making a smart guess…it is ok to be wrong when you make an estimate- you just want to be close! What a fun math activity for a rainy November Friday 🙂                                                                                                                                                                    )027 028 029 030 031 032 033 036 037 038

Writing Stories

This week we began writing stories during our writing workshop time. The kids were so excited for this- I love that!

The first step in story writing is to plan your story by jotting down ideas on an Idea Web. The next step is to self check your web for spelling and then get Mrs. Tebay to check your web for spelling and to see if your story makes sense. The third and forth steps are the fun part! We write and illustrate the story turning our ideas into WOW sentences, and remembering all the things that sentences need.

Most of us are now writing….. I can’t wait to see the finished stories 🙂


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Winter weather-Winter clothing

Good Morning!

With the snow and colder weather comes ski pants, mittens, toques, scarves and boots. Please make sure that all of your child’s outdoor clothing is labelled. I know from experience that most students have the same or similar items and they don’t know which is theirs unless it has a name in them. Please also remind your child to put their smaller outside stuff into the sleeve of their coat so that it doesn’t get misplaced. I quite often hear the question “Where are my mitts? ” to which I reply ” I didn’t wear them so I don’t know”.

I know that getting used to this weather will take some adjustment….for me included!

Have a great day.

Thank you!

I just want to thank all my fabulous students and their parents for coming to see me this week for parent-student-teacher conferences. I had close to 100% attendance and I had so much fun talking with you about what your child’s strengths were and what they need to work on as we move into second term.   The children were excited to share their portfolio with you and I appreciate them being returned to school 🙂

Progress reports will be sent home on November 24th.

See you back at school on Wednesday, November 12th.

When I Grow Up….

In Social Studies we have been learning about the different Community Helpers that we have in Warman, and about all the different kinds of jobs there are. Last week with our sub Mrs. Rachey the children looked through books and did some job research. Today we got to pick what we might like to do for a job when we grow up. We then drew pictures of the job and what “tools” you need to do that job….we are going to make it into a class book! The cool thing was that the template that we used was a LEGO person. I think they turned out great 🙂

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