When I Grow Up….

In Social Studies we have been learning about the different Community Helpers that we have in Warman, and about all the different kinds of jobs there are. Last week with our sub Mrs. Rachey the children looked through books and did some job research. Today we got to pick what we might like to do for a job when we grow up. We then drew pictures of the job and what “tools” you need to do that job….we are going to make it into a class book! The cool thing was that the template that we used was a LEGO person. I think they turned out great 🙂

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Take Your Child to Work Day

Today was Take Your Child to Work day and we were lucky to have Mrs. Tebay’s daughter Jill and Ms. Mooney’s son Nate come to our class. Nate was with us in the morning and helped us with Reading Workshop and Math. Jill spent the whole day with us and helped with Reading Workshop and Math too. She also did our October photo collage and helped us with our soccer skills in Gym. It was great to have their help today. Mrs. Tebay especially appreciated the extra help in Math. Thanks Jill and Nate- you can come back anytime!

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