All About Me Bags

Today we finished sharing our All About Me bags. Thanks to all the parents for helping their child find items to put into their bags. The kids had to tell what each item was and why they brought it. We also talked about what good speakers do- they look at the audience and talk nice and loud. We also talked about what a respectful audience looks like. I am proud of how well the children did with this activity- I also learned some new things about them. Great job 2JT!


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For the past few weeks we have been practising the comprehension strategy of Visualizing. This is when you make a “movie” in your head to go along with the words you are reading. You need to use your 5 senses when you visualize too. Visualizing and Connecting work together using your own prior experiences (schema).

Yesterday the children closed their eyes and listened to me read them a sentence. Then they drew what they had visualized. We shared around the table when done their pictures. We had a lot of great discussion about how even though everyone heard the same sentence all the pictures were a little different- and that is ok.

Here are some pictures from the activity.

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