Take Your Child to Work Day

Today was Take Your Child to Work day and we were lucky to have Mrs. Tebay’s daughter Jill and Ms. Mooney’s son Nate come to our class. Nate was with us in the morning and helped us with Reading Workshop and Math. Jill spent the whole day with us and helped with Reading Workshop and Math too. She also did our October photo collage and helped us with our soccer skills in Gym. It was great to have their help today. Mrs. Tebay especially appreciated the extra help in Math. Thanks Jill and Nate- you can come back anytime!

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Yesterday we talked about Remembrance Day and why it was important for us to honor the brave men and women who sacrificed to keep us safe. We painted poppies and used our thumbs for the red petals and our fingertips to make the black centres. We then used brushes to add the green stems and grass. I think that the kids did an amazing job- what a beautiful display!! You will be able to see them in person at interviews this week.

Remembrance Day

Each November, Poppies blossom on the lapels and collars of over half of Canada’s entire population. The Poppy Campaign inspires Canadians to Remember.

We will be collecting donations Nov 3 to Nov 6 at school.

Our school will be having a Remembrance Day service at 2:15 on Thursday November 6th. This assembly will be put on by 3M, 3JB and 3D.

Parent-Student-Teacher Conferences

Just a reminder that conferences are on Tuesday November 4 and Thursday November 6 from 3:30-7. Check your student’s planner tomorrow for the date and time of your interview. Please bring the portfolio back to school when you come for your interview.  I look forward to seeing you all this week to talk about your child’s progress.