Gym Blast with the Nurses

Tomorrow is the student nurses last day at WES and to celebrate their time at our school they organized gym blasts for all of us. Ours was today from 11-12. It was so much fun.

We did the gym blast with 2ET, 2S and 2W. We were the yellow team!

010 009

The first event was tail tag. We won this game with 31 tails grabbed.

015 014 013 012

The second game was a shoe relay…. we were 4th in this game.

018 017 016

Log surfing was a crazy game where we had to lay down and pull a mat over us. Greenlee got to be the surfer since she was the birthday girl.

019 020 021 022 023 024


Next we did a tug of war we lost the first one against 2W but then we won the second one against 2ET with a little help from Mrs. Tebay’s giant muscles!

029 033 032 031 030

The last game was the Hula hoop chain.

038 037 036 035 034


In the end our yellow team came in at 3rd place with 1900 points.
Thanks to the nurses for organizing so many fun games for us!

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