Our Random Acts of Kindness (RAK)

On Wednesday our class began choosing a RAK to do each day. We pick one out of the jar and then talk about what it means and how we can do it. Our goal then is to do it as many times as we can that day…..we want to see how many people’s buckets we can fill 🙂

Here are the RAKs that we did this week;

December 3-  Say thank you every chance you can, and let them know why

December 4- Give someone a compliment

December 5- Learn someone’s name from a different class and ask them to play at recess

My hope is that some of these RAK also make it home to you the parents. I would love to hear if your child is doing some “Random Acts of Kindness” for you!

Have a wonderful weekend and enjoy the beautiful weather…..only 10 more days of school until Christmas Vacation 🙂