Christmas Concert 2014

We have been very busy practising for the Christmas concert. On Thursday and Friday we began practising in the gym and on the stage.

Just a reminder that we will be performing “Arf on the Rooftop” for parents on Thursday, December 18th. There will be an afternoon show beginning at 1:30 and an evening show at 7:00.

We are excited to perform for our families 🙂

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RAK week #2

These are the RAKs that our class did this week;

December 8-Throw away someone elses trash in the classroom/home

December 9- Help a person carry something

December 10- Only let kind words come out of your mouth

December 11- Play with someone you don’t usually play with

December 12- Ask someone how you can help them today

Care Partner Fun

We met up with our Kindergarten Care Partners on Wednesday for a visit and to make a Christmas craft. The students coloured the decorations on a Christmas tree and then cut, folded and taped the tree to make it 3D. It was exciting to visit with our little buddies and help them make a craft. We were impressed with how well the Kindergarten students coloured and cut out their trees….the folding and taping was a little tricky!

We are hoping to get together one more time next week….and our little buddies are looking forward to watching our Christmas concert!

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