Our Random Acts of Kindness (RAK)

On Wednesday our class began choosing a RAK to do each day. We pick one out of the jar and then talk about what it means and how we can do it. Our goal then is to do it as many times as we can that day…..we want to see how many people’s buckets we can fill 🙂

Here are the RAKs that we did this week;

December 3-  Say thank you every chance you can, and let them know why

December 4- Give someone a compliment

December 5- Learn someone’s name from a different class and ask them to play at recess

My hope is that some of these RAK also make it home to you the parents. I would love to hear if your child is doing some “Random Acts of Kindness” for you!

Have a wonderful weekend and enjoy the beautiful weather…..only 10 more days of school until Christmas Vacation 🙂

December’s virtue

The virtue of the month for December is Generosity. This morning we talked about how being a generous person means that you think of others and what you can do to help them or make them feel good. As a way to spread the true meaning of Christmas our class is going to do a RAK each day until the holidays. A RAK is a Random Act of Kindness. We have a jar full of suggestions, and each day we will pull one out and have it as our goal for that day. We have a poster on our classroom door where we will post the ones we have done. I will also post them on the blog at the end of the week.

I feel that it is important to focus on more than just Santa and presents during this holiday time. And by doing a RAK it is a small way that our class can make a difference. Happy Holidays 🙂

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Thinking as you read

Even though we have only had 60 days of grade 2, I am so impressed with the progress of my little darlin’s in their ability to think while they read during workshop time. This week we have been writing our thinking down in our Idea Books during our independent reading time. If they make a Connection they write a C and then a note about their connection. If they Visualize something they write a V and then a note about their visualization. On Monday morning- everyone was on task, and super quiet.

Reading Workshop is my favourite time of day!

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Gym Blast with the Nurses

Tomorrow is the student nurses last day at WES and to celebrate their time at our school they organized gym blasts for all of us. Ours was today from 11-12. It was so much fun.

We did the gym blast with 2ET, 2S and 2W. We were the yellow team!

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The first event was tail tag. We won this game with 31 tails grabbed.

015 014 013 012

The second game was a shoe relay…. we were 4th in this game.

018 017 016

Log surfing was a crazy game where we had to lay down and pull a mat over us. Greenlee got to be the surfer since she was the birthday girl.

019 020 021 022 023 024


Next we did a tug of war we lost the first one against 2W but then we won the second one against 2ET with a little help from Mrs. Tebay’s giant muscles!

029 033 032 031 030

The last game was the Hula hoop chain.

038 037 036 035 034


In the end our yellow team came in at 3rd place with 1900 points.
Thanks to the nurses for organizing so many fun games for us!