Being a reading detective

The comprehension strategy that we have been working on this month has been Inferring. When you infer you usewhat you see in the text and what you already know to figure out what the author is telling you. I love teaching this strategy because there are so many fun activities to do with it. We have looked at pictures and then made inferences about what happened and why? We have snooped inside Mrs. Tebay’s school bag and made inferences about why things were in there. We have read many books…even some without words. I think that our favourite activity has been to watch a wordless “short” video and make inferences about what is going to happen.

When you read at home with your own child ask them what they infer….and make sure they tell you why!

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Badminton cuties!

Today in gym we used the badminton raquets. We talked about the different pieces of equipment and safety rules, and then had fun trying to hit the birdie with our raquet. Tomorrow we are going to try and volley with a partner. Aren’t these the cutest badminton players you have ever seen?

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Equal and Not Equal

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Today in math we played a partner game to help us practice equal and not equal. Each group had a cup with 2 sided counters in it. They had to dump out their counters and create a number sentence with how many counters were red and yellow. They then had to compare their answer with another group to determine if the sets were equal or not equal. This was a lot of fun….and involved a lot of math. The children had to figure out the number sentence, how to write it down, figure out the answer and then determine whether the sets were equal or not equal.

Please remember to practice math facts to 18 with your child. We need to have many of these facts in our memory- they will provide a strong base for us when we get to addition and subtraction to 100.