Finding the Missing Number

We have been working on missing piece addition and subtraction. Knowing fact families really helps us to do these types of questions. A missing piece addition question might look something like this ___ +7=13. We know that these numbers can be moved around as they are part of a fact family. This means we can rewrite the question and use subtraction to help us find the missing number. Our new question becomes 13-7=___. Then from there we are able to do subtraction to figure out the missing piece. We may also see questions that look like this 4+___=8. Again we can turn it into a subtraction question 8-4=___ and then we can figure out the missing piece. This is a difficult concept for many of the children.

We will be having our unit quiz on Addition and Subtraction before the winter break, so please continue to work on math facts to 18 at home.

Here is a link to a website that we enjoy using during computer time. Without a membership you are able to do a limited number of Math questions every day, but if you are looking for a little extra practice at home this is a great place to start!