Grade 2 Skating

Grade 2 Parents,

We are very excited about our trip to go skating at the Legends Arena.

There are too many grade twos, so we’ve divided the classes into two afternoons. Your child’s class will be walking to the rink after lunch recess on:

  • Thursday, February 12th


Children need to be dressed appropriately for walking, and they need to have their skates and helmets in a sturdy bag that they are able to carry independently. No plastic grocery bags please.  Bus students are not allowed to bring skates on the bus so someone will have to deliver the skates for them.

All children need helmets for skating….no bike helmets. Hockey helmets, skating helmets, and snowboarding helmets are acceptable.

No hockey sticks will be allowed on the ice….there are too many children for this to be safe.

Parents are welcome to join us at the rink to help tie skates and to skate with us. Preschool children will not be permitted to join us at the rink as there will be well over 100 Grade 2 students on the ice as it is.  We want to make sure everyone is safe and has fun. If you are planning on taking your child home with you at the end of the skating afternoon, please inform your child’s teacher.

We will be walking back to the school in time for end of the day bussing.

Children who do not know how to skate -or don’t have skates- will be supervised to do some physical activities in the gymnasium at the Legends.

Permission form/note will be sent home on Tues. Feb. 3rd- please sign and return to school