Grade 4 Buddies

Today we were lucky to have the grade 4 students from Ms. Raison’s class come to visit us. We had gone to WCMS once in the fall to listen to their speeches. Today they came to visit us for some reading. Ms. Raison is a great friend of mine and many of the students in her class I had taught either in Kindergarten or grade 2. We had a lot of fun reading and visiting together. We plan to get together again once the weather warms up!

Here are some pictures (please note I could only post photos of children with parent consent from each class)

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The Water Cycle

As part of our unit on Air and Water in the Environment we have been learning about the water cycle. Yesterday we learned a cute song (with actions) and today we did an experiment. The question we were trying to answer was; Can Mrs. Tebay make it rain? First we wrote down our predictions and then came back to watch the experiment. Ask your child to tell you what happened during the experiment. Many of the children asked if they could do the experiment at home…..for safety reasons they need to have a grown ups assistance to do this experiment. Here are some photos from the experiment….and a cute video of us singing the song (thanks to Ms. Neudorf for being our photographer).

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Click on this link to watch the video of us singing 🙂 006

One School, One Family Book Club

Some of you may be wondering about The World According to Humphrey.  This is the information we received.

Due to shipping delays, the One School, One Book Family Book Club reading calendar will have to be pushed back. We anticipate at least one more week. We will be sending an updated reading schedule home with the books as soon as they arrive. Sorry for the delay and thank you for your patience!

Setting goals for 2015

Happy New Year!

A new year means setting new goals for both at school and at home. Yesterday we spent some time talking about making goals or resolutions for the year 2015. We made posters that have our goals on them. We made a personal goal, a reading goal, a goal for something new we want to learn and a new food to try. After they are done being displayed in the room they will go into our portfolios. I am doubtful that they are all going to try new foods… 🙂

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