Music with Ms. Lloyd

Today while the students were in music, Ms. Neudorf (our trusty photographer) took some pictures  of what they did with Ms. Lloyd. Ms. Lloyd is our Arts Ed. teacher. She takes our class for 45 minutes every Wednesday afternoon.

Today they started the class by watching a video about John Arcand. He is the musician of the month for February. He is a master of the Metis fiddle and he also makes his own fiddles.


Then they moved onto using the Boom Wackers…..

022 021



For a drama activity the students warmed up their faces by making a “lemon face” and a “lion face”

024 025 026

Groups were then given a letter and had to decide on an action for their classmates to guess their word. For example R-roar S- swim D-dog and B-basketball


028 029 030

I always tease the students that it is my “quiet time” when they go to music….but it sure sounds like fun 🙂




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