A Healthy heart

This morning our class spent 30 minutes in the gym learning about the heart and how to keep our heart healthy. February is heart month. The student nurses had organized a game with stations for us to visit which explained what the heart does to move blood and nutrients around our body. We certainly did a lot of movement to get our body moving!

We had a lot of fun. Our class was paired with 2S. and 2ET.

Thanks to the nurses for all the work they do in our school!

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100th day of school

Today was the 100th day of school…and there are only 83 left (but I’m not counting). We did a lot of fun activities today to celebrate. We made special badges to wear, wrote poems and counted pizza toppings.

Our favourite activity was doing some writing about what we would be like when we were 100. I found an Ipad app called aging booth and this morning I took the kids pictures and “aged” them. When I showed them their pictures this afternoon we all laughed….I had even taken pictures of my family to show them.

We are going to put this activity into our portfolios….but enjoy the pictures 🙂

Happy 100th day!!

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Our class is schedualed to use the snowshoes the first day back after the  February break. This of course will be dependent on the weather that day but I know from past experience that the kids have lots of fun.

Our class time is from 1:45-2:30  on February 23 and I am looking for some parent volunteers to come and help put the snowshoes on the children. Mrs. Martineau will be here as I will be gone on my holiday.

Please let me know if you will be able to come and help on that day-thanks!