Addition and Subtraction to 18 quiz

We will be having a quiz on our math unit addition and subtraction to 18 on Friday, February 13th.

These are the things that the students are expected to be able to do;

  • add and subtract to 18
  • -be able to use the 3 mental math strategies we have learned ( +1 and +2 as well as -1 and -1, making10, doubles and doubles +1)
  • – be able to tell if an equation is equal or not equal
  • – be able to write a fact family for a set of numbers
  • – be able to answer a story problem with a number sentence and a word sentence
  • – be able to find the missing number in an addition or subtraction equation
  • – be able to balance 2 equations

I sent home the children’s math books yesterday so that you will know what type of questions to answer. I will be sending home a pink note today that explains the mental math strategies we have learned. Tomorrow I will send home the review booklet that we have worked on at school today and tomorrow.

This is an essential unit for grade 2 math. It is important that the children have a solid base of math facts to 18 in their memory to help ease the transition into addition and subtraction to 100 when we begin that unit in mid-March.

Please contact me with any questions or concerns.

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