Music with Ms. Lloyd

Today while the students were in music, Ms. Neudorf (our trusty photographer) took some pictures  of what they did with Ms. Lloyd. Ms. Lloyd is our Arts Ed. teacher. She takes our class for 45 minutes every Wednesday afternoon.

Today they started the class by watching a video about John Arcand. He is the musician of the month for February. He is a master of the Metis fiddle and he also makes his own fiddles.


Then they moved onto using the Boom Wackers…..

022 021



For a drama activity the students warmed up their faces by making a “lemon face” and a “lion face”

024 025 026

Groups were then given a letter and had to decide on an action for their classmates to guess their word. For example R-roar S- swim D-dog and B-basketball


028 029 030

I always tease the students that it is my “quiet time” when they go to music….but it sure sounds like fun 🙂




Nurse Cindy

Nurse Cindy came to our classroom this afternoon to teach us about germs. She first asked us to tell her what we already knew…which was a lot! We then got to go to our tables to make germ finger puppets. While the children were working Nurse Cindy got some germs(glitter) on her hands and went around the room touching things to show the students how easy it is to spread germs. For the next activity she gave table groups pictures of real germs and had them discuss unique features that they had. We ran out of time to play a germ game in the gym, but we were very happy to have Nurse Cindy share her germ knowledge with us.

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Happy Groundhog’s Day!

Before we left school last week we talked about Groundhog’s Day and made predictions on what would happen when the groundhog came up out of his burrow. As you can see by looking at our chart- Mrs. Tebay got mixed up at first 🙂


Most of us were hoping that the groundhog would decide that spring was just around the corner. Much to our dismay- the groundhog saw his shadow, got scared and went back to bed which means we will have 6 more long weeks of winter.

During our Reading Workshop time this morning we watched a video that taught us many cool things about groundhogs. Ask your child to tell you something they learned. We also did a fun activity booklet about groundhogs.

In Art this afternoon we made cute little groundhogs that are on display in our classroom!

027 028