SCC Book Exchange

Just a reminder that the SCC is holding their annual book exchange tomorrow night.

Warman Elementary School Community Council

Come and Go Book Exchange

Monday March 2, 2015 from 6:30-7:30 p.m.

Warman Elementary School Gym



  1. All of this week (Feb. 23 – Feb. 27) students can bring good used books to their classroom.  (A rule of thumb:  a book that you would welcome into your home, also appropriate for elementary aged kids.)  All books will be set up next Monday afternoon and must be brought to school before then.
  2. Maximum number of books to pick up is 5. (You may bring more to school but will only be allowed to pick 5)
  3. Classroom teachers will keep a tally of books brought in by students. These sheets will be at grade group tables when you show up at the gym on Monday evening.
  4. When you show up at the book exchange check in at the table for your child’s grade and you will be given the number of books your children can pick up. The number of books you previously brought equal the number you can pick up that evening.
  5. All participating students will be eligible to fill out entry forms to win gift certificates for our upcoming Scholastic Book Fair.


This is a family event and we encourage adults to join their children.  The School Community Council wants to encourage a fun family evening that highlights the importance of reading.   Don’t miss out on this opportunity to trade some of those books that are no longer read for ones that will encourage your child to spend time with a good book!