Force- Motion- Friction

In Science this week we have been learning about force, motion and friction.

On Wednesday we did an experiment with Beanbags to see what would happen if we applied different amounts of force to them. We found out that if you apply a lot of force- your beanbag might hit the roof of your classroom!

Today we talked about Friction and how it affects motion. We did an experiment with Hot Wheels Cars and drove them on different kinds of floors (tile, bootroom mat, and brown mat). The students had to predict which flooring produced the most friction and then they got to test their predictions out.

A great way to spend a Friday afternoon!

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John Dunn

This morning we were lucky to have a real explorer visit our school.

His name was John Dunn and he was here to tell us about the journey he made in the Arctic circle to Ellesmere Island. He travelled with his friend Clive by foot and they carried all the equipment they needed with them. They had enough food for 55 days but they were able to travel 750 km in only 50 days. John showed us many beautiful pictures of his journey and explained how they made the trip and about all the animals that he saw including Musk Ox, Wolves, Arctic Hares and he even told us about Polar Bears! It doesn’t sound like the kind of holiday that I would like to take- but the pictures were amazing 🙂

It was a very interesting presentation and I am proud at how well behaved our class was.


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