John Dunn

This morning we were lucky to have a real explorer visit our school.

His name was John Dunn and he was here to tell us about the journey he made in the Arctic circle to Ellesmere Island. He travelled with his friend Clive by foot and they carried all the equipment they needed with them. They had enough food for 55 days but they were able to travel 750 km in only 50 days. John showed us many beautiful pictures of his journey and explained how they made the trip and about all the animals that he saw including Musk Ox, Wolves, Arctic Hares and he even told us about Polar Bears! It doesn’t sound like the kind of holiday that I would like to take- but the pictures were amazing 🙂

It was a very interesting presentation and I am proud at how well behaved our class was.


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Roughrider Reading Contest

Our class is excited to be part of the March Reading Contest put on by the Saskatchewan Roughriders! Here is a portion of the welcome email we got on March 1st.

Hey Rider Reading Month Teachers!
As of today, Rider Reading Month will be a March fixture in, not only your class, but over 500 classrooms across the province! That means that over 11,000 students will benefit from your commitment to encouraging literacy among children in Saskatchewan! The Saskatchewan Roughriders would like to take this opportunity to graciously thank you for helping to make the inaugural Rider Reading Month a success.
Due to the overwhelming support for the program, we are able to raise the number of classes/schools that will win a player visit to ten. That’s right, 10 randomly chosen classes from across Saskatchewan will be winning a visit from 2 current Saskatchewan Roughrider players for a date to be determined in April. It won’t matter if you’re located in Saskatoon, Swift Current, Strasbourg, or St. Brieux; all classes will have an equal shot at winning player visits.
In order to participate and be entered in the contest- a class has to commit to reading 15 minutes every school day. This is very easy for our class to do because we love to read!
We are going to keep our fingers crossed that we are one of the lucky 10 classrooms that will win a player visit… 🙂

Grade 2 Pizza lunch

Check your child’s planner tomorrow for an order form for the SCC Grade 2 Pizza lunch which will be held on Tuesday March 24th. YUM!

They will be ordering the personal pizzas from Pizza Hut and they will come with a bag of chips and a juice box. The cost will be $6.

Please return the order form with payment by March 10th. No late orders will be accepted.

Let me know if you have any questions or feel free to contact Tammy Pizzey at 306.249.6585 (SCC chair).

Digital Citizenship with Mrs. Woodward

We have been lucky to have Mrs. Woodward visiting our classroom to teach us about digital citizenship….which is internet safety. So far we have watched a video about a little cat named “Faux Pas” who makes some mistakes when using the internet.

Today we reviewed 3 important KEEP rules to remember when using the internet;

KEEP safe- never give out any personal information

KEEP away- from people you do not know

KEEP telling- talk to mom/dad about the sites you are on, and if anything makes you uncomfortable


Mrs. Woodward is not done with us- on Thursday she is going to teach us about Cyber-bullying. It is so nice to have her come in and teach us 🙂


SCC Book Exchange

Just a reminder that the SCC is holding their annual book exchange tomorrow night.

Warman Elementary School Community Council

Come and Go Book Exchange

Monday March 2, 2015 from 6:30-7:30 p.m.

Warman Elementary School Gym



  1. All of this week (Feb. 23 – Feb. 27) students can bring good used books to their classroom.  (A rule of thumb:  a book that you would welcome into your home, also appropriate for elementary aged kids.)  All books will be set up next Monday afternoon and must be brought to school before then.
  2. Maximum number of books to pick up is 5. (You may bring more to school but will only be allowed to pick 5)
  3. Classroom teachers will keep a tally of books brought in by students. These sheets will be at grade group tables when you show up at the gym on Monday evening.
  4. When you show up at the book exchange check in at the table for your child’s grade and you will be given the number of books your children can pick up. The number of books you previously brought equal the number you can pick up that evening.
  5. All participating students will be eligible to fill out entry forms to win gift certificates for our upcoming Scholastic Book Fair.


This is a family event and we encourage adults to join their children.  The School Community Council wants to encourage a fun family evening that highlights the importance of reading.   Don’t miss out on this opportunity to trade some of those books that are no longer read for ones that will encourage your child to spend time with a good book!