Out of Commission

If your child has not already told you… I fell on Friday morning and fractured my tibia. I had surgery Saturday afternoon and came home from the hospital on Sunday afternoon. 🙁

I am feeling better now that I have had surgery, but this will put me out of commission for a while.

Please know that I will be in touch with the school and the teacher filling in for me regularly- I will probably drive them crazy with all my texts and emails.

I am going to go to school as soon as I get the ok from my doctor to visit the kids.

Thanks for your understanding and support during this time.

Litter free lunch

Our class did a great job packing a litter free lunch on Wednesday. Mr. Taylor told us that we had 2/3 less garbage than we normally do. Super job 2JT

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Just a few reminders for the rest of the week…..

Friday is Wacky Hair and Clothes Day!

Earth Day Week activities.  Please send gloves and a plastic bag to school on Friday if your children will be participating in our garbage pick-up project.

Art using recycled materials

To celebrate Earth Day as well as create some art to display at Fine Arts Night next week we did this cute directed draw owl. Instead of using white paper, we drew the owls onto newspaper. The kids did a great job- these look even better in person and will be on display in the gym April 29th for Fine Arts Night..

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Earth Day Activities

Dear Parents & Guardians, “Earth Day” is coming up!

The W.E.S. students and staff will be showing how much they love for their planet by participating in a few activities throughout the week of April 20th—24th. Below outlines the activities your child will be participating in with their class at school.

Tuesday April 21 – “Turn if Off Tuesday“- we would like to challenge each classroom to turn off at least one set of lights in your classroom to conserve energy.

Wednesday, April 22– “Earth Day” – students are encouraged to bring a garbage free lunch on this day. This means students can bring reusable food and drink containers, not disposable ones to save waste.

Friday, April 24School Wide Garbage pick-up. Each class may participate in picking up garbage in their grade alike areas. *If you’d like your child to participate in picking up garbage, they will require gloves. Please send a plastic bag and gloves with your child.

Unless someone like you cares a whole awful lot, nothing is going to get better. It’s not.” – The Lorax by Dr. Seuss

Thank you for your support, and be kind to our Earth.

Sincerely, Earth Day Committee

Addition Strategies

The provincial math curriculum encourages students to learn a variety of addition and subtraction strategies. We hope that “playing wiht numbers and manipulating numbers” in a variety of ways provides more opportunities for students to develop a deeper understanding of number sense and what they are actually doing when they add, not just “getting the right answer”. The grade 2 curriculum includes several adding to 100 strategies. We spend a lot of time using manipulatives to introduce children to the strategies and helping them understand the process before actually doing the questions on paper.

Following is a brief description of the strategies we have learned so far. I will send a paper copy of this note home on Friday as well…encourage your child to “teach” you this strategy, since it is very different than the way you and I were taught. 🙂

1. Adding Tens– 36+40=76 : I know that in the number 36 there are 3 tens and 6 ones. I just need to add 4 more tens to the 3 that I already have and the ones stay the same.

2. Adding Tens and then Ones– 36+47=83 : I know that 3 tens + 4 tens is 7 tens and that 6 ones +7ones is 13 ones so I now have 70+13. Then I just need to add the tens.


When I send the paper copy of the note home on Friday it will show the thinking that the children need to show me on their papers. I don’t just want to see the answer…I need them to show me how they figured it out.

Please feel free to contact me with any questions about these strategies. I will let you know each time we learn a new one. Please continue to work on basic math facts. A solid understanding of the basic facts makes these strategies easier for the children to understand.

Thanks for your support!



Happy Easter!

We had a wonderful class lunch today- thanks to all the parents that provided the food. We had fun watching Tumblebooks and chatting during the noon hour.

Just a reminder that there is no school in Warman tomorrow (April 2). This is the day in lieu for interviews.

Enjoy a wonderful Easter with your families….we are back to school on Monday April 13th!


We had some surprise visitors this morning. Mr. Bachmeier’s class came to visit WES to present their fables. Each group had chosen a fable to act out. There were 7 groups that rotated around to present. I was happy to see so many of my former students. 🙂 After they performed, we talked about the lesson from their fable.

These were the fables we heard this morning;

– Tortoise and the Hare

– Crows and the Pitcher

– Ant and the Grasshopper

– A Fox, a Pig and a Stork

– Hercules and the Wagoneer

– The Ant and the Dove

The grade 5s did a wonderful job- thanks for coming to perform for us!


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Happy April Fools Day ;)

This morning I told the kids that we had to have a spelling test. I said that Mr. Dyck was making all the grade 2 children do this surprise test today. They numbered the paper and I dictated the words….

1. happy

2. April

3. fools

4. day

5. gotcha

Some of the children caught onto the joke right away, others needed it explained. It was a great way to start a fun day!

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