Happy Easter!

We had a wonderful class lunch today- thanks to all the parents that provided the food. We had fun watching Tumblebooks and chatting during the noon hour.

Just a reminder that there is no school in Warman tomorrow (April 2). This is the day in lieu for interviews.

Enjoy a wonderful Easter with your families….we are back to school on Monday April 13th!


We had some surprise visitors this morning. Mr. Bachmeier’s class came to visit WES to present their fables. Each group had chosen a fable to act out. There were 7 groups that rotated around to present. I was happy to see so many of my former students. 🙂 After they performed, we talked about the lesson from their fable.

These were the fables we heard this morning;

– Tortoise and the Hare

– Crows and the Pitcher

– Ant and the Grasshopper

– A Fox, a Pig and a Stork

– Hercules and the Wagoneer

– The Ant and the Dove

The grade 5s did a wonderful job- thanks for coming to perform for us!


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Happy April Fools Day ;)

This morning I told the kids that we had to have a spelling test. I said that Mr. Dyck was making all the grade 2 children do this surprise test today. They numbered the paper and I dictated the words….

1. happy

2. April

3. fools

4. day

5. gotcha

Some of the children caught onto the joke right away, others needed it explained. It was a great way to start a fun day!

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