Our Student Teacher

Today was a very busy and exciting day for us in 2JT.

Our student teacher Mrs. Melenchuk spent her first day with us. I hoped to get a picture of her, but in the craziness of the day I forgot. She is an Education student at the U of S and she will be spending Tuesdays and Wednesdays at WES. She is in 2 ET on Tuesday and with us on Wednesday. We had a super time today showing her the ropes!

We also had a gorgeous afternoon for our Terry Fox Walk! Our class has raised $94.00 so far for the Terry Fox Foundation- we are hoping to get to $100.

Stations in gym

We love going to the gym on Tuesdays because we get the whole gym to ourselves! Today we did stations where there are 4 different activities set up in the 4 corners of the gym. Today the stations were scooters, balls and scoops, hula hoops and squishy balls. We spent our time rotating through the 4 stations and having fun!

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Just a reminder that WES is having our Terry Fox walk tomorrow at 1:00. Please remember to dress in school colours (red and blue) and to wear comfy shoes for walking. You are most welcome to come and walk with us!

Bob the Super Reader

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Today in Reading Workshop I introduced the children to my friend Bob. Bob is a smart reader because he knows that being a great reader is more than just being able to read the words, he THINKS when he reads! Bob uses 5 Reading Powers that he has inside his brain to help him be a SUPER READER. We will learn about all of these powers throughout the year and how to use them to improve our reading and comprehension.

* If your child is in Reading Club with Mrs. Sielski, they were with her when we did this lesson.

Terry Fox

014 015 016 019Today we had our kick off assembly for Terry Fox. Mr. Dyck told us some facts about Terry Fox. Did you know there is a Mountain in Jasper named after him? Terry Fox also had his own stamp issued in 1982. There are also 14 schools named after him..

We also watched a video that told the story of Terry Fox. Our special guest speaker was a retired principal from Saskatoon named Wayne Dyck. He is a cancer survivor and he told us about Terry Fox too, and then told us his own story of battling cancer and beating it.  He had 3 things he wanted us to remember from his talk today;

– never give up

– we can make others feel better by smiling 🙂

– we can help by raising money for the Terry Fox Foundation.

At the end of his talk we all chanted together- “All of us are ordinary, but we can become extraordinary”!

Our school is going on a Terry Fox walk next Wednesday, September 30th in the afternoon. Parents are welcome to join us if you wish. We are encouraged to wear school colours-red and blue.

We will be collecting donations for the Terry Fox Foundation this week and next. Our school goal is to raise $2000.



Staying Healthy in 2JT

As the weather changes, colds and flus begin to happen in our busy classroom.

To help keep us healthy and germ free I am looking for some donations of hand sanitizer or disinfecting wipes for our room.

Please let me know if you are able to provide any for us. Thanks in advance for your donation!

October Interviews

Our first set of 3 way conferences are fast approaching ( 2 weeks from today). If you have not already done so-please go to the school website and follow the directions to book an interview time with me.

Go to the schools web page and click on the link.

Enter the code  WFFTQ

1.  Enter Your Details

2.  Select the teacher you wish to see

3.  Select the appointment time that suit your family best.

Open date to book is September 17th .

Interview booking will be closed on October 5th.

Thanks in advance for your cooperation- I look forward to talking with you about your child’s start to second grade and how they have settled in so far. 🙂



Friday Smiles!

It was so great to see so many of you at the pancake breakfast this morning. I look forward to chatting with you in a few weeks at our October Interviews.

Here are our smiles for this week 🙂

Sept. 14-Swinging at recess. (Katelyn)

Sept. 15-Playing the game “Run” in gym. (Danielle)

Sept. 16-Making patterns in math. (Drew)

Sept. 17-Using the scooters in gym. (Emerson)

Sept. 18-Playing the 100s chart game with Ryan (Liv)

Today we also were able to read our Bucket Filler notes, what a kind and thoughtful class I have. We will “Fill buckets” again next week.

Just a reminder that our Picture Day is on Tuesday, September 22nd. Have a wonderful weekend!

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Is Playdoh a Solid?

In Science today we talked about the characteristics of Solids. A Solid has its own shape, and does not take the shape of its container. We did an experiment with playdoh and found out that we can change the shape of the playdoh by rolling or cutting or smooshing it- but it is still a solid.

We found out that Playdoh is a solid, recorded our findings in our Matter booklets and were able to have some fun just playing with the playdoh too!

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Being a Bucket Filler

This week in Health we have been talking about Bucket Fillers and Bucket Dippers– if you don’t know what they are….ask your child to tell you.

We want to be Bucket Fillers because when we do kind things for others that makes us feel good and therefore fills our bucket up too!

This morning we made our own Buckets….and for this week and next we can write notes to classmates to thank them for filling up our bucket!

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