First Day

We had a fantastic first day of grade 2! I am so happy to have such an energetic and well behaved class. I think we had all of our school supplies sorted in less than an hour!

Our day was busy with unpacking, a school tour, an assembly, our first music class with Ms. Lloyd, some art and many more things.

Please fill out and return all forms as soon as possible. It is also important to fill out the front page of your child’s planner with all your contact information.

I want to be able to post pictures on the blog- so please check the media consent box on the registration form if it is alright to post pictures of your child. Please come and talk to me with any concerns- we took lovely first day pictures today and I would love to share them!

It was such a busy day that I forgot to give the kids a little treat that I had for them….I will have to get them to remind me for tomorrow!

Enjoy your evening- I am sure that we will all go to bed a little earlier tonight 🙂

Mrs. Tebay