What we are up to

Even though it is only the second day of school this week, we have been very busy!


In Math we are learning all about patterns. There are 3 very important words for us to know: core, attribute and element. We are becoming colour pattern experts.

003 002 In Reading Workshop this week we have talked about what RW needs to look like, sound like and feel like for us all to be successful. I took pictures of all the kids that I saw doing their job and added them to the poster. We are also working on increasing our stamina for quiet reading- we can read for 10 minutes no problem! We also talked about what to do when we get to a tricky word. Each child has their own bookmark with the decoding strategies on it to remind them of things to try when they run into a word they don’t know.


In Writing Workshop we talked about why writers write and also about all the different things that we can write. Tomorrow we are going to practice making a list. A great idea to practice writing at home is to get your child to help you make a grocery list. The more that we write- the better we will become!

Home Reading also started today- please have your child read to you and then write it in the orange log-book. The level that your child is reading at is the level given to me by their grade 1 teacher. I am working on testing all the kids on the Dolch word lists and then I can begin to listen to them reading. I have put a lot of information about home reading in the orange duo-tang so please take time to read through it. Contact me with any questions.