Is Playdoh a Solid?

In Science today we talked about the characteristics of Solids. A Solid has its own shape, and does not take the shape of its container. We did an experiment with playdoh and found out that we can change the shape of the playdoh by rolling or cutting or smooshing it- but it is still a solid.

We found out that Playdoh is a solid, recorded our findings in our Matter booklets and were able to have some fun just playing with the playdoh too!

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Being a Bucket Filler

This week in Health we have been talking about Bucket Fillers and Bucket Dippers– if you don’t know what they are….ask your child to tell you.

We want to be Bucket Fillers because when we do kind things for others that makes us feel good and therefore fills our bucket up too!

This morning we made our own Buckets….and for this week and next we can write notes to classmates to thank them for filling up our bucket!

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