Staying Healthy in 2JT

As the weather changes, colds and flus begin to happen in our busy classroom.

To help keep us healthy and germ free I am looking for some donations of hand sanitizer or disinfecting wipes for our room.

Please let me know if you are able to provide any for us. Thanks in advance for your donation!

October Interviews

Our first set of 3 way conferences are fast approaching ( 2 weeks from today). If you have not already done so-please go to the school website and follow the directions to book an interview time with me.

Go to the schools web page and click on the link.

Enter the code  WFFTQ

1.  Enter Your Details

2.  Select the teacher you wish to see

3.  Select the appointment time that suit your family best.

Open date to book is September 17th .

Interview booking will be closed on October 5th.

Thanks in advance for your cooperation- I look forward to talking with you about your child’s start to second grade and how they have settled in so far. 🙂