Friday smiles and Halloween Fun!

What a busy day today! Here are our smiles for the week.

Oct. 26-Colouring pumpkins for Halloween (Kaleb)

Oct. 27-Going to meet our big buddies at WCMS (Gabbi)

Oct. 28-Making monster cookie bags with our Kindergarten buddies (Mason)

Oct. 29-Playing the triangle in music class (Ember)

Oct. 30-My costume (Katelyn)

Here are some pictures of our fabulous Halloween costumes.

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Thanks to Spencer and Seth for the yummy Halloween snacks! Have a happy and safe Halloween!!

Halloween Costume Riddles

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This week in Writing Workshop we had fun writing riddles about our Halloween costumes. The children had to write at least 3 clues about what their costume was to see if others could guess. They then drew a picture of it and glued it underneath their clues. We had fun sharing and guessing what everyone will be for Halloween!



Kindergarten Buddies

It has been a week of “buddies” in 2JT! On Wednesday we met our Kindergarten buddies in Mrs. Streeton’s Kindergarten A class. They had baked Monster Cookies in the morning so we were able to help decorate a bag with Halloween pictures on it while getting to know them a little bit. We were super lucky that they gave us a Monster cookie to enjoy- they were DELICIOUS!!

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Developing Relationships at WCMS

Yesterday afternoon we braved the wind for the walk to the Middle School. We met our “Big Buddies” in 4AR. Ms. Raison is a good friend of mine who used to teach at WES. We feel it is important to grow and develop relationships between the grade 4 students and our class. What is extra-special for me is that many of the children in her class used to be in my class.

We will get together with 4AR many times this year- sometimes at WCMS and sometimes at WES.

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** Please note that if your child’s photo is not posted it means that their buddy in 4AR did not have media release **

Friday Smiles

What a fabulous week we had- this gorgeous weather can stick around forever! Here are our weekly smiles 🙂

Oct. 19-Playing games in the gym (Spencer)

Oct. 20-Singing Monster Mash in music class (Taren)

Oct. 21-Playing outside with Meghan and Arli (Taylor)

Oct. 22-Reading the story Boo! (Arli)

Oct. 23- Conferencing with Mrs. Tebay during Reading Workshop (Meghan)

Have a great weekend!

Anti-Bullying and Education Week

There were many fun activities planned this week both to celebrate Education Week as well as promoting Bullying Awareness. We had a special assembly with a policeman as a guest speaker. We decorated shirts with ideas to stop bullying. Many books were read on the topic and today we did a school wide chain of Kindness where everyone in the whole school lined up in the hallway-held hands-and sang a song. We also did DEAR time in the hall today as a whole school.

Each morning our class sang the song “I Am” to celebrate our special talents and gifts. Here is the link to watch it on you-tube.

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Halloween is coming!

Halloween is only 8 days away and the students in 2JT are very excited! As you plan for next week- here is the information that was sent out by Mr. Dyck in regards to dressing up for school on the afternoon of October 30th. Please don’t hesitate to contact me if you have any questions or concerns.


On Friday, October 30th we want to provide the students of Warman Elementary School the opportunity to dress up in their Halloween costumes. We also want to ensure that while having fun dressing up we are still able to have a productive school day and to ensure that the learning agenda for the day continues. In order to assist all of our students with having a fun and productive day at school on Halloween Day, here are a few guidelines that we would appreciate it if you could help us out with:

1.No toy or costume weapons of any type (knives, guns, swords, spears, etc.) will be permitted at school.

2.No gory or scary costumes, makeup or accessories (we have a lot of very small children at our school and don’t want to scare any of them).

3.If your costume has accessories that are not attached to the costume, we would prefer that they be left at home and used on Halloween night while trick or treating. We don’t want to see these items getting lost or broken while at school.

4. Students will be going outside to play at recess and at the lunch break. For that reason we would encourage students to bring their costumes to school and pull them on over their clothes after the lunch break. We don’t want to see costumes getting dirty or being wrecked before the big night.

That said, it is important to note that staff will not be able to help dress the students in their costumes during the day. There are just too many students for that to be possible.

If students aren’t able to change into their costumes on their own and do wear their costumes for the entire day, please be aware that they will be wearing them for all of the regular activities of a school day, including Phys. Ed., recess, and lunch.

If parents need to assist their child in getting dressed in their costume for the afternoon then we would request that you pick your child up for lunch on that day and take them home to help them get dressed. We do not have enough space at school for parents to be assisting their child at the school.

5.If students do not have a costume or prefer not to wear a costume to school then we would encourage them to wear Orange and Black for the day.

We want to ensure a fun and productive day at school and would appreciate it if parents could ensure that the above guidelines are followed. Looking forward to a fun day!!

Enemy Pie

During Reading Workshop this week we have been reading a lot of books to go along with the Anti-Bullying activities that the student nurses have organized.

Yesterday and today we examined the book Enemy Pie.


If you have never read this book before you should check it out! Yesterday we made some predictions of what we thought the book was about before we started to read. We also talked about some “million dollar” words that were in the story.


Today we talked about the characteristics of a good friend and we made our own recipes for Friendship Pie. They sound delicious!

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** Please note that some students were gone to Reading Club with Mrs. Sielski when we did this activity- and some kids aren’t finished yet. I will post more pictures later in the week 🙂

Too busy to take pictures!

We have had such a busy week in 2JT that I have forgotten to take any pictures.  🙁

I will try to do a better job of remembering for next week.

Here is what we have been up to;

– We wrote 2 books- a Gerald and Piggie comic, and a How to Carve a Pumpkin book.

– We did a sink/float experiment in science, and we also found out that water is amazing because it can be a solid-liquid-or a gas.

-Skip counting is fun! We have sung a lot of silly songs to help us count by 2-5-10. The tricky part in grade 2 is that we don’t always start at 0. Please practice skip counting with your child at home.

– In Social Studies we have been talking about what we can do to help the Earth, we even wrote poems about the Earth using our 5 senses.

I will be away tomorrow afternoon as my family is heading to Edmonton for the weekend. My oldest daughter is in grade 12 and considering attending the U of A so we are going to an open house. I will be the mom walking around the campus with tears in my eyes wondering where the time has gone!

Mrs. Lundsten is my sub and she is awesome. Friday smiles will not be posted until Monday and Spelling marks may not be done until Monday either.

Have a wonderful weekend- I hope this warm weather lasts until Halloween!