Pattern Quiz in Math

We will be having our first math quiz on Monday October 5th. It will be on Unit 1 Patterning. The children have worked hard this month to learn the language and complete the assignments. This is what they need to be able to do;

  1. They need to be able to identify a repeating pattern, identify the core, extend the pattern at least 2 times, as well as create their own patterns.
  2. They need to be able to tell me what the attributes are in a pattern. An attribute is the part of a pattern that changes i.e.; shape, colour size, number and position.
  3. They also need to be able to create patterns with a specified number of elements in the core.

4.They also need to be able to identify an increasing pattern and tell what the pattern rule is “start with __ and add___ more each time”. 

5.They need to be able to extend an increasing pattern and be able to create their own increasing pattern.

I am sending home their math pattern booklets to let you know the types of activities we have been working on at school. We will be reviewing these concepts on Thursday and Friday and I will be sending home our review sheet as well once we complete it. You can also create your own patterning activities for your child to complete using household items or drawing them.

Please return the pattern booklet to school when you are done looking at it.

Thanks in advance for helping your child prepare for this assessment.



Jeralyn Tebay

One thought on “Pattern Quiz in Math

  1. Thanks for sharing this information. Have to admit…I didn’t know all of the pattern terminology. Thanks for all you do to ensure everyone can succeed!

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