Friday Smiles

It is beginning to look a lot like Christmas in 2JT!

Here are our smiles for the week.

Nov. 23-Having a Go Noodle Bodybreak (Arli)

Nov. 24-Having the whole gym to ourselves and playing Man from Mars with Mrs. Lundsten (Meg)

Nov. 25-Singing the songs for the Christmas Concert (Liv)

Nov. 26– Playing the game yes and no on IXL math on the computers (Seth)

Nov. 27-Singing the concert song “Lots of Latkes” (Taylor)

Have a wonderful weekend!

See A Need, Fill A


The Christmas holiday season is upon us!   With the season comes the thought of giving.  As we have done in past years, rather than participate in classroom gift exchanges we encourage our students to be involved in Warman Elementary School’s  See A Need, Fill A Need campaign to help others in need. The total amount of money collected will be divided between three wonderful and worthwhile organizations; Many Hopes (building and repairing schools in Kenya), Canadian Red Cross ( Syrian refugee crisis) and the Warman Food Bank.

In years past, Warman Elementary has gone above and beyond in the giving department.  We would love to make a big difference in the lives of others, both locally and abroad, this holiday season!  Donations are being collected in the classrooms beginning Tuesday, December 1st until Thursday, December 17th.

 While teachers have always appreciated the gifts they receive at Christmas time, Warman Elementary School teachers would be delighted if students chose to put any money they may have spent on a gift towards the See a Need, Fill A Need Christmas Project!

The Syrian Refugee Crisis continues to dominate world news as many seek to flee their homeland to escape violence and unrest.  Many Hopes is an organization that rescues orphaned and abandoned children in Kenya and educates them.  More information on these can be found at the following websites. or

Your generous gift is appreciated in any amount. Those requiring a receipt for a larger donation can donate online at: and follow the donate link for Syrian refugees or and follow the donate link.  (If you have donated in this manner you can let the classroom teacher know the amount to add to your classrooms total)

The classroom that collects the largest amount towards the See a Need, Fill a Need Christmas Project will receive a Pizza Party during the noon hour of their choosing.   

We thank you in advance for helping Warman Elementary School students experience the gift of giving to those less fortunate.  Happy Holidays!  

Term 1 Progress Reports

Our Term 1 Progress Reports (aka Report Cards) come home today. Please take the time to read them over and discuss them with your child. I do not need the progress report back, just the signed envelope. There is a school survey enclosed also for you to fill out and return to me. Thanks in advance for your cooperation.

There will also be a large packet of work that we have completed in term 1. I have finished all of my assessment on this work and it is now a chance for your child to show what they are learning. I do not need any of this returned.

The December newsletter is also coming home today- your child is going to have a full backpack!

I am sure that we will have an exciting PJ day, maybe I can convince them all that we should nap this afternoon 🙂


Friday Smiles

I hope you all had a wonderful weekend! This is a busy time of year hence the lateness of the Friday smiles 🙂

Nov. 16-Starting to practice the Christmas concert songs. (Mrs. Tebay)

Nov. 17-Having the whole gym to ourselves. (Spencer)

Nov. 18-Drawing a winter picture in art. (Drew)

Nov. 19-Learning about dog safety from Crystal. (Danielle)

Nov. 20-Singing my favourite concert song ” There’s a Big Red Fella”. (Katelyn)

This is going to be another busy week in 2JT. Watch for the December newsletter coming home on Friday the 27th as well as our Term 1 Progress Reports. November 27th is also PJ day.

There are only 20 days left of school before the Christmas break and we have a lot of learning to do!

I am away tomorrow at a Learning Opportunity for teachers talking about conferencing with students. My substitute is Mrs. Lundsten. She knows the students and the routine and they will have a great day.

Happy Monday!

Reading Fluency

During our Reading Workshop time this week the children who stay with me have been learning about and working on Reading Fluency.

We looked at and talked about what Fluent Readers look like and sound like.


To help us to practice this important skill we started to work on a Gerald and Piggie Readers Theatre. We found that the more we practiced our parts- the easier it was to read them and our fluency improved. We are going to practice a little bit more- and then we will perform them for the other students.

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A Special Guest- learning about Dog Safety

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Today we were lucky to have  Crystal from the Martensville Vet Clinic come to visit our class to talk about Dog Safety.

She taught us about 5 tools for us to use to help keep us safe around dogs.

The tools she taught us are;

1. Be a Tree/Be a Rock if a dog is jumping around you

2. Use your eyes to see if the dog is friendly

3.Use your mouth to ask permission of your parents, the dog owner, and the dog

4. Fist– let the dog sniff your fist

5. Legs– use your legs to walk away from an unfriendly dog.

She did a wonderful presentation and we were lucky to have her visit our classroom!

Visualizing in Reading Workshop

We have been working hard on our second comprehension strategy during our workshop time.

This is the skill of Visualizing. Which in language that grade 2 children understand is when you make pictures in your head while you read.

We have done a lot of fun activities to work on this skill. We have read many wonderful books and poems. Here are a few of my favourites.

005001 002 003 004

Being able to visualize is an important skill to have, especially as the children begin to read more chapter books.

Happy Reading!!

Friday Smiles

Here are our smiles 🙂

Nov. 2- Loving my classmates and making Remembrance Day art (Kaiden)

Nov. 3-Learning about ordinal numbers in math (Emerson)

Nov. 4-Finishing our Remembrance Day painting (Liv)

Nov. 5-Doing estimation stations in math with my group (Ryan)

Here are some photos from today. See you on November 12th!

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