A Special Guest- learning about Dog Safety

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Today we were lucky to have  Crystal from the Martensville Vet Clinic come to visit our class to talk about Dog Safety.

She taught us about 5 tools for us to use to help keep us safe around dogs.

The tools she taught us are;

1. Be a Tree/Be a Rock if a dog is jumping around you

2. Use your eyes to see if the dog is friendly

3.Use your mouth to ask permission of your parents, the dog owner, and the dog

4. Fist– let the dog sniff your fist

5. Legs– use your legs to walk away from an unfriendly dog.

She did a wonderful presentation and we were lucky to have her visit our classroom!

2 thoughts on “A Special Guest- learning about Dog Safety

  1. Danielle really enjoyed Crystal’s visit and has posted her dog safety sheet to make sure everyone knows about it. LOL

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