Friday Smiles

I hope you all had a wonderful weekend! This is a busy time of year hence the lateness of the Friday smiles 🙂

Nov. 16-Starting to practice the Christmas concert songs. (Mrs. Tebay)

Nov. 17-Having the whole gym to ourselves. (Spencer)

Nov. 18-Drawing a winter picture in art. (Drew)

Nov. 19-Learning about dog safety from Crystal. (Danielle)

Nov. 20-Singing my favourite concert song ” There’s a Big Red Fella”. (Katelyn)

This is going to be another busy week in 2JT. Watch for the December newsletter coming home on Friday the 27th as well as our Term 1 Progress Reports. November 27th is also PJ day.

There are only 20 days left of school before the Christmas break and we have a lot of learning to do!

I am away tomorrow at a Learning Opportunity for teachers talking about conferencing with students. My substitute is Mrs. Lundsten. She knows the students and the routine and they will have a great day.

Happy Monday!