Merry Christmas and Friday Smiles

What a wonderful day we had today.

Thanks so much to all the parents who provided us with food for our 2nd classroom lunch. I had planned on taking some pictures, but we were so busy eating and watching a Rudolph cartoon that I forgot.

This afternoon we were lucky enough to watch the movie “Mouse and the Motorcycle“. We had just finished reading the book in the morning so it was perfect timing. We also had a popcorn treat!

We voted on our favourite Gingerbread man story this morning too- it was a tie between The Gingerbread Pirates and The Stinky Cheese Man.

Our class raised $266.10 for the WES See a Need, Fill a Need campaign. We are crossing our fingers that our class wins the pizza party. Mr. Pauls will announce the winner on January 4th.

Here are our smiles for this very busy week;

Dec. 14-Working on my story during writing workshop (Gabbi)

Dec. 15-Finishing up our parent gifts and wrapping them (Reese)

Dec. 16-Performing our concert for grade 2 and kindergarten (Taren)

Dec. 17-Doing the “hard” test in math (Katelyn)

Dec. 18– Watching the movie Mouse and the Motorcycle (Darius)

Thanks for all the lovely gifts that I received. I am feeling spoiled by my students and am looking forward to sharing many of my treats with my family….although some I am keeping just for myself!

Enjoy the holiday season with your families 🙂

See you next year- our first day back is Monday January 4, 2016.

Christmas Concert Day!

Today is the day we have been practicing for! The Christmas Concert will be performed today at 1:15 and 7. Hope to see you there!

Thanks to all who sent in non-perishable food items for our 9th Kindness Act. This is what we collected and I will take it to the food bank next week.


Warman Elementary School’s Christmas Family Festival Wednesday, December 16, 2015

We would like to welcome all W.E.S. families to this annual Christmas event!

Hot Chocolate will be available at the gym concession.

Join us for Christmas Carol singing in Miss Lloyd’s classroom.

Craft Activities will begin at 7:00 and end at 8:15 p.m.

Visit the Library to make a Book Related Craft

Snowman Soup is on the menu in Ms. Streeton’s classroom

In Mrs. Weatherington’s classroom, children can make a paper plate ornament

CRAFT BAGS will be made in Mrs. Dozlaw’s and Ms. Kirk’s rooms.

Paper Snowman will be crafted in Mrs. Kornelson’s classroom

Christmas Card making in Mrs. Jacobson’s classroom

Candy Cane Reindeer in Mr Cox and Mr. Mui classrooms

You will find the Roaming Reindeer craft in Mrs. Demchuk-Kosolofski’s room

Have fun making Foam Ornaments in Mrs. Luciuk’s classroom

Everyone is welcome to the Fireworks Finale across the street at 8:20 p.m.

Please note that the focus of our Christmas Family Festival is on family participation.

We are asking that parents/guardians accompany their children to the various activities.

Have a Safe and Enjoyable Holiday Season!!

Friday Smiles

This week was all about practicing for the Christmas concert….as you will see in our Friday smiles 🙂

Dec. 7-Going to Reading Club with Mrs. Sielski (Darius)

Dec. 8-Singing “There’s a Big Red Fella in the Chimney” (Kaleb)

Dec. 9-Practicing the Christmas concert in the gym for the first time (Ryan)

Dec. 10-Singing the Christmas songs (Ember)

Dec. 11– Going to watch the group A kids practice their Christmas concert (Emerson)

Have a wonderful weekend- only 5 days of school left before the break!

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Shape Monster Challenge

This week we have been learning about the 2D (flat) shapes. As well as being able to identify them, we have been talking about how to describe them using words like sides, and vertices. We have also been learning how to describe similarities and differences between them. To finish up with the 2D shapes we had a Shape Monster Challenge. 


Did we meet the challenge?

029 028 027 026 025 024 023 022020019018017016015014013012011010009



Run, Run, as fast as you can!

On Monday we started our Gingerbread Man Book Study. Each day we are reading a different version of the familiar story. We are making a chart showing the books we have read as well as the Characters, Refrain and the Solution. We are also comparing and contrasting the books.

So far, our favourite book has been Bad Boys Get Cookie although that may change after we read today’s version 🙂


Friday Smiles

What a great week- we are very busy getting ready for Christmas!

Nov. 30- Learning about Winter Safety with the nurses (Kayson)

Dec. 1- Singing “Big Red Fella in the Chimney” (Kaiden)

Dec. 2- Giving the cards to Mrs. Ceidel and the caretakers (Mrs. Melenchuk)

Dec. 3- Going to watch the play at WHS (Graedin)

Dec. 4- Playing snowball soccer with my friends at recess (Mason)

Enjoy the gorgeous weather this weekend with your family 🙂


Mark your Calendars!


Monday, December 7   7: p.m.   SCC Meeting

Tuesday, December 15 1:15 p.m. Grade 2 Christmas Concert Dress Rehearsal(2H,2L,2MN,2BW)

7 p.m.    Grade 2 Christmas Concert(2H,2L,2MN,2BW)

Wednesday, December 16 7 p.m.    Christmas Festival at WES

Thursday, December 17 1:15 p.m. Grade 2 Christmas Concert Dress Rehearsal(2S,2JT,2ET,2TW,2LW)

7 p.m.    Grade 2 Christmas Concert(2S,2JT,2ET,2TW,2LW)

Friday, December 18       Dress like Christmas/ last day of school before break

Monday, January 4, 2016     First Day of School after Christmas Break

Friday, January 8,       January 2016 Newsletter

Monday, January 11    7:00 p.m. S.C.C. Meeting at W.E.S.

Once School, One Family Book Club begins

Thursday, January 28       “Wear a Jersey” Day

Friday, January 29       PSSD PD Day – NO SCHOOL

Kindness Act #3


Today we went to visit our teacher from grade 1. We wished them a Merry Christmas and then gave them a big hug!

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* we did visit 2 other teachers too….but I could not be in 5 places at once for photos!