Pizza Party and Thursday smiles

We had such a wonderful day today! We had our special pizza lunch that we won for raising the most money in the whole school for the See a Need, Fill a Need campaign that the school did in December. We were stuffed! Thanks to Mrs. Jamieson who brought us a cookie treat for dessert. Today was her last day working in our classroom. Mrs. Klassen will be back on Monday- we missed her a lot!

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Since there is no school tomorrow….here are our smiles for this week ๐Ÿ™‚ .

Mon. Jan. 25-Playing dodgeball in the gym (Liv)

Tues. Jan. 26-Listening to Darius read us his Luigi story (Ryan)

Wed. Jan. 27-Practicing my reading fluency with my big buddy in 4AR (Emerson)

Thurs. Jan. 28-PIZZA PARTY!! (Mrs. Tebay)


One Book, One School Celebration!

Our One Book, One School committee would like to invite you to a special event! Celebration of Edward Tulane Thursday, February 11th 6:30-7:30 Warman Elementary School Library and Gym Join us for Flashlight Stories in the library.

Join us for Whatสผs Next? – sign out your next family book.

Join us for Bookmark Coloring and activities in the gym.

Join us for Milk and Cookies in the lobby – juice will also be available.

Join us for a Bunny Hop in the gym at 7:10.

Please RSVP to by February 2nd with your last name and how many will be attending. We need to plan accordingly to ensure supplies are plentiful. * Wear your pajamas and indoor shoes or grippy slippers or socks (students will not be allowed into their classrooms to retrieve their shoes) * Bring a favorite stuffed animal! * Bring a flashlight!

Friday Smiles

Where has January gone? This month has gone by way too fast!

Here are our smiles for this week;

Mon. Jan.18-Working on my story about a secret pizza (Kaiden).

Tues. Jan. 19-Watching Arthur and having our music party (Gabbi).

Wed. Jan.20-Writing my story about Buffalo vrs Edmonton (Drew).

Thurs. Jan. 21-Playing on the scooters in gym (Taylor).

Fri. Jan. 22-Having music class in the morning (Darius).

Just a reminder that our class will having our Special Pizza Party lunch on Thursday January 28th which is also Jersey Day.

There is no school on Friday January 29– that is the half way point of our school year.

Enjoy the gorgeous weather this weekend ๐Ÿ™‚


Special Guests

This morning we were lucky to have the grade 10 French Class from WHS visit us to share some stories that they had written (in French).

Madame Schneider’s class did a super job both writing and illustrating the books, and sharing them with us. Thanks for coming Grade 10 ๐Ÿ™‚

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Friday Smiles :)

Mon. Jan. 11-Playing my favourite computer game (Mason)

Tues. Jan. 12- Playing badminton with Taylor and Gabbi (Reese)

Wed. Jan. 13-Playing cats outside with Arli and Gabbi (Meghan)

Thurs. Jan. 14-Playing on the swings and rolling around in the snow with Reese (Gabrielle)

Fri. Jan. 15-Watching the Ormie the pig video (Graedin)

Stay warm this weekend!

Learning how to Infer

This week in Reading Workshop we started to talk about the Comprehension Strategy of Making Inferences.ย 

When you infer you are like a Reading Detective….you use the clues in the text along with your schema (what you already know) to make a “smart guess” about what is happening or what is going to happen.

Yesterday we looked at some pictures and then had to infer what was happening. I wanted the students to tell me what they inferred, but they also had to tell me why (what were the clues).

Today we watched a cute video about Ormie the pig and had to infer what it was going to be about, and then we also stopped it half-way through to make another inference about what would happen. It is a cute video and I told the kids I would share it with the families as well….enjoy!

Tomorrow we are going to do some inferring about Mrs. Tebay’s school bag ๐Ÿ™‚

Friday Smiles

We had a great first week back, but boy am I exhausted!

Here are our smiles for this week ๐Ÿ™‚

Mon. Jan. 4-Playing Dodgeball in the gym (Spencer)

Tues. Jan.5-Painting our Northern Lights watercolour pictures (Seth)

Wed. Jan. 6-Getting a new spot to sit in music (Danielle)

Thurs. Jan. 7-Going to Lego club (Ember)

Frid. Jan.8-Having Fun Friday (Kayson)

Stay warm this weekend, and cross your fingers that the weather warms up for next week. I am not a fan of inside recess.

Fresh Grade test

Good Morning! This week I have been doing some experimenting with the Fresh Grade app. I am going to “try” to send some pictures to you of your child that I have taken this week. It will probably take me several days to get all the email addresses entered into the system. To let me know if you were able to see the pictures, can you please send me a quick message once you view them? Then I will know if it worked or not-thanks:)

A New Year!

Welcome back!

We have had a super first day back to school in 2016.

Today we set some goals for us to work towards for the rest of the school year. We set a reading goal, a food that we want to try, something that we want to learn and a personal goal.

Ask your child what their goals are tonight.

The January newsletter was also sent home today- the book-orders will follow tomorrow.

We have other exciting news to share….. ask your child what Mr. Pauls announced this morning during announcements.

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