Learning how to Infer

This week in Reading Workshop we started to talk about the Comprehension Strategy of Making Inferences. 

When you infer you are like a Reading Detective….you use the clues in the text along with your schema (what you already know) to make a “smart guess” about what is happening or what is going to happen.

Yesterday we looked at some pictures and then had to infer what was happening. I wanted the students to tell me what they inferred, but they also had to tell me why (what were the clues).

Today we watched a cute video about Ormie the pig and had to infer what it was going to be about, and then we also stopped it half-way through to make another inference about what would happen. It is a cute video and I told the kids I would share it with the families as well….enjoy!

Tomorrow we are going to do some inferring about Mrs. Tebay’s school bag 🙂

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