Pizza Party and Thursday smiles

We had such a wonderful day today! We had our special pizza lunch that we won for raising the most money in the whole school for the See a Need, Fill a Need campaign that the school did in December. We were stuffed! Thanks to Mrs. Jamieson who brought us a cookie treat for dessert. Today was her last day working in our classroom. Mrs. Klassen will be back on Monday- we missed her a lot!

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Since there is no school tomorrow….here are our smiles for this week 🙂 .

Mon. Jan. 25-Playing dodgeball in the gym (Liv)

Tues. Jan. 26-Listening to Darius read us his Luigi story (Ryan)

Wed. Jan. 27-Practicing my reading fluency with my big buddy in 4AR (Emerson)

Thurs. Jan. 28-PIZZA PARTY!! (Mrs. Tebay)


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