Friday Smiles

I made it back from holidays, and although it is wonderful to go away….it is lovely to be back.

Here are the smiles from the week with Mrs. Lundsten

Mon. Feb. 22– Writing in my Monday journal (Seth)

Tues. Feb.23-Just being back at school (Meg)

Wed. Feb. 24-Playing hide and seek with Seth at recess (Kaleb)

Thurs. Feb. 25-Finishing my “When I grow up, I want to be a…” Lego person (Katelyn)

Fri. Feb. 26-Swinging on the swings with Reese at recess (Taylor)


Friday Smiles

What a busy week we had….here are our smiles 🙂

Mon. Feb.8-Being the star student (Kayson)

Tues. Feb. 9-Watching the Little Polar Bear movie (Spencer)

Wed. Feb. 10-Getting a new Mo Willems book at the library (Mason)

Thurs. Feb. 11-Going skating (Darius)

Fri. Feb. 12– Opening our Valentines and going to an assembly (Reese)

Enjoy the break next week- and just a reminder that I will be away the week of February 22- my sub is Mrs. Lundsten and she will not have any access to my email so all communication will need to be through the phone or planner.

I am not able to send the math tests home until I return because not all the children have taken the test- but I will send you a photo on Fresh Grade to show you how your child did. I am so proud of them, it was a hard test and they did awesome. Part 1 of the test covers the “Need to know” outcomes and Part 2 covers the “Nice to know” outcomes. I will send the tests home for you to see once everyone has completed it.

Enjoy Family Day on Monday!

A note from Mrs. Melenchuk

Dear Parents!
My name is Maria Melenchuk. I am a student at the College of Education, University of Saskatchewan. I have been lucky to get my student teaching field experience with your children at Mrs. Tebay’s class. I truly enjoy every minute I spend with them on Wednesdays.
Today we practiced storytelling. I told children a story called How the Moon Got Into the Sky which comes from the West Coast First Nations people. If you would like to enjoy the story as we did, you can challenge your young storytellers to retell it at home. Here is a suggestion: when you see the moon tonight, tell your child that you have been wondering for a long time how the moon got in the sky. Let your child boast and share the story he/she learnt at school today!
Happy storytelling!
Maria Melenchuk

Rebecca Grambo

What a great afternoon we had with Rebecca Grambo. She told us so many interesting things about herself. Here are the questions we asked….and her abbreviated answers.

  1. How many books have you written? 27
  2. Do you like writing? I love to write, I love to read to find out information for my non-fiction books
  3. What was the first book you ever wrote? Nature of Foxes
  4. Did you always want to be a writer? No- I was a geological engineer
  5. Are all of your books about animals? No- I also write about art, music and science
  6. Do you have any pets? 2 chinchillas, 2 parrots and a bunny- but as also had rats and wolf pups.
  7. What was your longest book? Bear book or the Wolf Book
  8. Do you like reading? Yes, I love to read
  9. What is your favourite thing about writing? Doing the research and sharing my ideas with people all over the world
  10. What is your favourite animal? I am not a fan of the ape family, but love all other animals.
  11. What is your favourite book? The Big Wolf book or Bear book

We were very excited when she told us that she would be willing to come and visit us again, and she said she would send us pictures of her animals.

001 003 004 005

Math Test

We will be having our unit test on Addition and Subtraction to 18 on Thursday, February 10.

These are the things that your child needs to know;

add and subtract using the strategies + 1 or 0, make 10, doubles and doubles +1 (all are described on the pink note I sent home Monday)

-fact families

-equal and not equal

-finding the missing number in a number sentence

-story problems( they need to be answered with a number sentence and a word sentence)

– balancing equations

-adding 3 or more numbers

We will be reviewing all of these concepts at school this week. Our math workbooks will be coming home today and our review booklets will be coming home tomorrow. Please help your child to prepare for this assessment.

Thanks so much!

Friday Smiles

Here are our smiles for the week 🙂

Mon. Feb 1-Playing with the floor hockey sticks in the gym (Kaleb)

Tues. Feb.2-Playing outside with Meghan (Arli)

Wed. Feb. 3– Writing my Super Pencil story (Taren)

Thurs. Feb. 4-Doing equipment stations in the gym with 2MN (Arli)

Fri. Feb. 5-Making my Valentine bag (Spencer)

Yesterday in math we did a fun Scavenger Hunt looking around the school for Doubles and Doubles +1. We will be having a math test next Thursday February 11- so please continue to work on math facts at home.

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Have a great weekend!