Friday Smiles

Here are our smiles for the week 🙂

Mon. Feb 1-Playing with the floor hockey sticks in the gym (Kaleb)

Tues. Feb.2-Playing outside with Meghan (Arli)

Wed. Feb. 3– Writing my Super Pencil story (Taren)

Thurs. Feb. 4-Doing equipment stations in the gym with 2MN (Arli)

Fri. Feb. 5-Making my Valentine bag (Spencer)

Yesterday in math we did a fun Scavenger Hunt looking around the school for Doubles and Doubles +1. We will be having a math test next Thursday February 11- so please continue to work on math facts at home.

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Have a great weekend!

Making inferences by watching videos

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On Thursday we watched a cool video during Reading Workshop to help us to practice our skill of inferring. Mrs. Tebay stopped the video a few times and had us write down what we inferred and why…..then we watched the video a second time without stopping so that we could just enjoy it.

The video was called Pigeon Impossible and here is the you-tube link

Mrs. Melenchuk is back!

We were very happy to have our teacher candidate Mrs. Melenchuk back on Wednesday. She spent the month of January completing some course work at the University. She spends Tuesdays and Wednesdays at our school, but is only in our room on Wednesday.

This week she taught a Reading Workshop lesson on Inferring. She brought in some items from her daughter and husband and had the children infer where they were going, or what they did for work. The students surprised us by what they knew- we have a lot of schema!

She then read us a book without any words and the students took turns telling the story by making inferences from the pictures.

Lastly, she had a picture of a melting snowman and the children needed to write down what they knew and what they could infer.

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