Thursday Smiles and Happy Easter!

What a wonderful day we had today. Thanks to all the parents who provided the yummy treats for our class lunch. We didn’t do very much work, ย ๐Ÿ™‚ but had a fun day together.

Here are our smiles….

Mon. Mar. 21-Painting Easter Bunnies in art (Emerson)

Tues. Mar. 22-Learning about First Nations people in Social Studies (Katie)

Wed. Mar. 23-Painting bison with Mrs. Melenchuk (Reese)

Thurs. Mar. 24– Watching Kidz Bop videos during free time (Ryan)

Have a fantastic Easter break with your family….I know that I will enjoy the time off. I am crossing my fingers that we will come back to school ย to no snow and puddles and that we are finally done with winter! Just a reminder that our first day back is Monday, April 4th! Math tests will finally come home that day since the last child wrote theirs today.

Happy Easter!

Easter Art

Yesterday we did a directed drawing activity where I drew a bit of a picture at a time and the kids had to copy as best they could. Once we were done the drawing, we added colour with watercolour paints. They look fabulous!

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Progress Reports and Friday Smiles

The term 2 progress reports came home today. Please share the information and comments with your child. I do not need the progress report returned, just the signed envelope.

The work samples are things that we are finished with, and I do not need them back.

Here is what made us smile this week ๐Ÿ™‚

Mon. Mar. 14– Being the soloist of the day in music (Emerson)

Tues. Mar. 15-Going to the nurse’s assembly about the brain (Meghan)

Wed. Mar. 16-Writing a math test (Gabbi)

Thurs. Mar. 17-Colouring shamrocks in art (Arli)

Fri. Mar. 18-Making Easter bunny bags (Graedin)

Hopefully the weather improves as Spring arrives on Sunday. Have a wonderful weekend!

The Comprehension Strategy of Questioning

We are learning about questioning in our Reading Workshop time.


Last week we talked about 2 different types of questions “Quick” and “Deep”. Ask your child which kind of questions help you become a better reader.

Today we read a wonderful Oliver Jeffers book and the children needed to think of at least one example of a quick question, and one example of a deep question. As you can see, we thought of a lot of questions!


Happy Monday!


Brain Blast Scavenger Hunt

This morning the nursing students led us on a Brain Blast Scavenger hunt. We went around the school looking for clues and finding out cool things about our brain. Did you know that there are about 100 billion neurons in the brain?

We are looking forward to attending their “Brain Assembly” tomorrow afternoon!

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Friday Smiles

What a gorgeous day today! I can’t wait to spend lots of time outside this weekend. Here are our smiles for the week ๐Ÿ™‚

Mar. 7– Measuring in our math books with rulers (Graedin)

Mar. 8-Playing outside at recess with Katie, Liv, Taylor and Maggie (Gabrielle)

Mar. 9-Writing poems with Mrs. Melenchuk during writing workshop (Kaiden)

Mar. 10-Colouring leprechauns and listening to music (Ryan)

Mar. 11– Learning about simple machines in science (Liv)

The school yard is starting to resemble a lake- please send extra socks and have your child wear their rubber boots next week!