Friday Smiles

What a busy week. After being away for 2 weeks and getting ready for Activity Conferences and Progress Reports I am exhausted!

The students brought their portfolios home today to share. They will share them with you and then there is some “homework” to do on the pink paper at the back. Please return the portfolios to school once you have finished with them.

There are still some parents who have not booked an activity conference time for March 9. I will be assigning times if you still have not made an appointment on Monday. Thanks so much

Here are our smiles 🙂

Feb. 29-Playing dodgeball in the gym (Danielle)

Mar. 1-Colouring my yearbook contest picture in music (Taren)

Mar. 2-Getting a new library book (Drew)

Mar. 3-Writing lots of books about space and the planets (Darius)

Mar. 4-Using the Ipad for Fun Friday (Kayson)


Just in case you are counting….there are only 71 days of grade 2 left!

Experimenting with Force

Today in Science we worked in small groups. We were trying to move a wooden block off a piece of paper….but we couldn’t touch the block. We could only use the items that were in the bag. We could use popsicle sticks, elastics, pencils, yarn, paper clips and straws.

Ask your child to tell you about some of the ways that their group completed the task.

001 002 003 004 005 006 008 009

We discovered that in order to move the block, we had to apply a force (a push or a pull).