Friday Smiles

What a beautiful week! Here is what made us smile in 2JT –

Tues. Apr. 26– learning a new math strategy (Katie)

Wed. Apr. 27-watching the singing with Syvlia assembly (Kaiden)

Thurs. Apr. 28– working on a secret project (Reese)

Fri. Apr.29-going to watch the grade 1 Bug assembly (Spencer)

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Have a wonderful weekend! 🙂


Yesterday we started our last science unit on Animals- Growth and Development. This is my favourite of all the units we teach in grade 2! I can tell already that we are going to have a lot of fun with this unit- look at all the animals we brainstormed about yesterday! They could have even told me more…..but the page was full and my hand was cramping! 🙂


We are also going to learn about the differences between fiction and non-fiction books and about the different text features found in non-fiction books to help us understand what we are reading.

What we read this week

We are so lucky to have so many great books in our classroom libraries to read during our Reading Workshop time. These are the books we read this week. Ask your child to tell you about them.

( if your child goes to Reading Club with Mrs. Sielski they may not have heard them)


Happy Earth Day

We made some beautiful paintings this week for Earth Day. They will be on display in the gym next week for Fine Arts Night.

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This is what made us smile this week 🙂

Mon. Apr. 18– playing outside (Mason)

Tues. Apr. 19-painting Earth pictures in art (Drew)

Wed. Apr. 20– having 2 music classes (Seth)

Thurs. Apr.21-playing dodgeball, cleaning up for the Earth, social studies and math (Darius)

Fri. Apr. 22-doing the Earth Day work (Liv)


Just a reminder that there is no school on Monday. See you on Tuesday!






Oliver Jeffers

We have been reading a lot of books by Oliver Jeffers this week. He is an author/illustrator from Ireland.

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I love Reading Workshop at this time of year. It is so quiet in our classroom that you could hear a pin drop! Most of the kids are totally engrossed in their reading, and it makes my heart happy to see so many of them reading chapter books!

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Happy Thursday!



We have been lucky to get some new books in our classroom to use during our Reading Workshop time. One of these books is called Robo-Sauce and it is about a boy who turns himself into a robot, and then decides to turn his whole family into one too! After reading the book we designed our own robots.

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Celebrating Earth Week

Dear Parents & Guardians,

“Earth Day” is coming up!  Throughout the week of April 18th — 22nd, W.E.S. students and staff will show how much they care about their planet by participating in a few activities.  These are the activities your child will be participating in with their class:

April 18: “Mindful Monday” Students will reflect on ways they can help the earth.

April 19: “Turn if Off Tuesday” Power down throughout the school.  To conserve energy, classrooms will turn off some lights and other power-consuming devices. 

April 20: “Waste-free Wednesday” Students are encouraged to bring a garbage free lunch to school.
To be “waste-free”, students can bring reusable food and drink containers, not disposable ones.


April 21: “Thankful Thursday” Classes will participate in a school-wide garbage pick-up.  As a gesture of appreciation for our earth, students will pick up garbage in their assigned area around the school.

April 22: “For our Future Friday” Students will attend an assembly celebrating Earth Day.

Students will require gloves to pick up the garbage.
Please send a plastic bag and gloves with your child.

The planet thanks you for your support in taking care of our world!

Thursday Smiles

This is what made us smile this week.

Mon. Apr. 11-Playing on the merry go round with my little buddy (Taylor)

Tues. Apr. 12-Learning all about teeth in health (Liv)

Wed. Apr. 13-Playing the “Guess Who” game in health (Spencer)

Thurs. Apr. 14-Watching Charlotte’s Web (Danielle)

There is no school tomorrow.

We are excited to be heading to Osler with Mrs. Wruck’s class on Monday to see Aladdin. We need to leave at 12:15 so everyone needs to bring a lunch to school as we will be eating early.

The Power to Transform

Today we started learning about the Comprehension strategy of Transforming (or Synthesizing). This is when your thinking changes while you read. To help us understand what Transform means my friend Ms. Mooney brought in some Transformers toys to look at. She also brought in a super cool Optimus Prime mask that can “transform” your voice. Mr. Dyck came in while we were working and he even tried the mask on.

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Canadian Number Exchange

Our class was excited to be chosen to participate in the Canadian Number Exchange for this year. We were given a number (21) and we had to represent it whatever way we wanted and we had to make 30 of them to send to schools all across Canada along with a letter about our classroom and community. At the end of January we mailed all our numbers out (except for 1 for us) and then anxiously waited for the mail to get the rest of the numbers from 1-30 to create a classroom number line.

This week we finally got the number we had been waiting for forever….16! The number line is now posted in our room. It was great to see the different ways the numbers were represented, as well we learned a lot from reading the letters. The numbers came from all across Canada, and they were all created by children in grades K to 3.

This was so fun for us, and we were honored to be chosen.

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