Canadian Number Exchange

Our class was excited to be chosen to participate in the Canadian Number Exchange for this year. We were given a number (21) and we had to represent it whatever way we wanted and we had to make 30 of them to send to schools all across Canada along with a letter about our classroom and community. At the end of January we mailed all our numbers out (except for 1 for us) and then anxiously waited for the mail to get the rest of the numbers from 1-30 to create a classroom number line.

This week we finally got the number we had been waiting for forever….16! The number line is now posted in our room. It was great to see the different ways the numbers were represented, as well we learned a lot from reading the letters. The numbers came from all across Canada, and they were all created by children in grades K to 3.

This was so fun for us, and we were honored to be chosen.

002 003 004 005 006 007

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